Abdurrahman Abdulhakeem writes,
Human’s Prevalent Feeling towards fornication and adultery is Vehemently Kicking in the society.This has become worrisome in this contemporary world.
However, sexual lust which affects people in the world, is now pronounced as sexual violence and assault in every society. Despite Government and International Organizations interventions to curb the menace, the so called criminality persists in our dear society.
Establishing the Laws against this has been the major concern of legal practitioners to provide appropriate penalty and serve as remedy, perhaps, putting the issue to minimal.
From the fact that this serve as a clog in the wheel of progress. Many NGOs organizes Orientation to regulate sexual violence and assaults in the society. This paves way to enlighten people on the causes and consequences. This happened mainly to deviate people as it causes nothing than harm to the individuals and society in general.
This immorality that have been thriving in silence for long term ago has, however, intervene by the Sharia court of law, specifically in Nigeria—they see it as social vices that’s rusting the flag of normative order of Islamic doctrine. They also explained that people engage themselves in different kinds of the likes, including rape against minors, homosexual, sexual harassment among others.
Despite the immense effort in curbing this act, the crime still persists, perhaps due to weak implementation of policy.
There are situations where the law put in place for an offence do not tell to stop commiting the offense, but to make offenders to the face the law, either by receiving punishment or other penalties.
Violation to our interest is worthy of doing in the society we found ourselves. It is natural that fornication and adultery are classified as wrong doing and are seen as social defect because it is morally wrong, even with fallacy.
Adultery and fornication have make life brutish and short as a result of unwanted pregnancy that leads people to abortion.
In line with legal right, the law concerning abortion is found in sections 232. Referenced in the law as the causing of a miscarriage, abortion is only legal to save the life of the mother. Any person, including the mother, can be guilty of the offense and will be punished with up to 14 years in prison, a fine, or both.
Also, Sections 233-235 discuss the causes of a miscarriage, intentionally or unintentionally through acts against the mother. These offenses also carry penalties of imprisonment, fines, or both. Section 282 discusses rape and specifies that sexual intercourse by a man with his wife is not rape if she has gone through puberty.
From this, It is clearly that the law above connotes that one can commit the crime as far as one is ready to face the consequences behind it.
To this end, it should be clear to the general public that, for society to be unrest is as a result of individuals’ capacity. We should tends to answer the question that “In what way have I contrubuted to the development and betterment of our dear society?” A little from you and a little from others is more than sufficient.

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