Abdulrahmon Ibrahim Ojo writes,
Apparently, no one is a monopoly of all. “People rise by raising others”, they say, is an attestation to the fact that your elevation will surely emanate from the assistance and support of an angel sent to you.
It is pertinent to note that, an angel in this regard is not the well known Angel of God, but a human being like you. Such assistance and support can come in different ways; financial, motivational, intellectual, moral, etc.
It is of no doubt that blood cannot be extracted from a stone. No one can give what he lacks. A person who renders intellectual or financial assistance is presumed to have indisputably worked hard to possess it. He can render it because he has it in his possession. The same thing applies to all other types of assistance.
Sadly, many of the beneficiaries regard this as a mere opportunity for them to take advantage of the benefactors with the slightest opportunity without attaching to them an atom of importance, which of course begs the question; “do they only care about the availability of the benefactors?”
The importance and availability are two different things. You can be available and not be important, and once you can differentiate between the two, it is then you will realize that people only care about what you possess and not you. Alas! You will only be remembered when your help is sought-after. Your insignificance will often cause you disappointment as well.
Indeed, life is a two-sided coin. Just be yourself and do good with good intention, the intention of getting reward from the Almighty and He will elevate you to the tremendous level of importance.
Abdulrahmon Ibrahim Ojo is a 200 level Law student at Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto.

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