Abdulrasheed Akere Abdulkareem writes,
Lately, “breakfast” has been the term used to connote the termination of friendship or a romantic relationship between two love-bounded individuals. People called it different names such as breakdown, break-up or heartbreak, but now the most rampant- “breakfast”, humorously, in respect to how it’s been served, just like a meal.
Though, the beginning of a relationship is always fun, full of gist, play, and happiness, it always even feels as if one has won a lottery. Affected couples even labelled themselves with different romantic names which makes well-wishers giggle- “love is sweet”. But it’s saddening that at the end, breakfast is employed to break the heart someone had sometimes called sweetheart and to segregate the soul one had previously tagged a soulmate. During this period, the degree of sadness in the mind that has once been filled with joy will be immeasurable.
Those that have never experienced the dilemma of breakfast will say that love is everything but those that have tasted the torment of the discourse own the saying that ‘love nah scam’, because of how it painted their psyche with sorrow and left their senses in utter sadness. Resultedly, many people attempted suicide after a breakfast, some unruly committed suicide, some went so insane because their romantic playmate jilted them. Those who didn’t do this have been lately seen lamenting bitterly that they won’t venture into any relationship again in their lives. Undeniably, breakfast has altered a lot in the lives of many, but the question is what causes it? Who is to be blamed for it? And lastly, what are its remedies?
Breakfast hurts the most when one of the partners decides to terminate the relationship even when their partner had done anything wrong. A survey with a female mate reveals that females causes and should be blamed for breakfast the most, but men also misuse opportunities and ‘fuck up’ sometimes. She clarified that a lady can wake up in the morning and just decide that she is no longer interested in the relationship without any credible excuse, the reason is that she has seen another person that’s far or even maybe slightly beyond her boyfriend in financial status, which is called “better offer”.
She added that there is no lady that does not like money, only it’s distinct in degree to each other. To a lady comes money first, before everything else. Contrarily, some men are not caring enough, some not at all, while a girlfriend needs to be studied in order to detect her likes and dislikes, there exist men who really don’t care about all that. In solving that, a girl in a relationship should know that it’s love first and not money on the other way round. Likewise, men in affairs should prioritize showing great care at when due to their respective loves.
Everyone discerns the obvious detrimental effect of breakfast, but there’s nothing with advantages that will not have disadvantages, and vice-versa. I can comprehend an advantage of a breakfast when Nurudeen Akewushola tweeted: “Breakfast may be the source of your breakthrough. It has a way of restoring the factory settings of your brain and enables you to sit back and reflect on why you need to be selfishly serious about your life.” You wouldn’t agree with this writer more if you explore your experiences after you devour a breakfast. This way, one would recognize how one has evolved in wisdom because it will intensify the level of thinking and offer ways to move on in life even without the presence of anyone else. This will also broaden the mind and permit one to realize oneself and one’s innate talent that was needed to be utilized for life’s success.
Another part that’s is liable to trigger breakfast is lies, if everyone can annul the conduct of lying in a relationship, it will keep the connection longer even than imagined. Mates in relationships should also, regardless, before a breakfast is served, seek the means to understand and tolerate themselves, if this is done, it simply can take one to see no defects in a partner. Habits of trust and respect should be employed within each other, with this, no devil will have a chance in the God-built alliance. A good liaison with a good plan for the future is what it all requires afterwards, just as it’s studied in an adage; “he who fails to plan, plans to fail”.

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