By : Lawal Jamiu Olakunle

It was a day to be remembered in the world of boxing as Mexican-American Andy Ruiz Jr sent down the Nigerian-British  WBA, IBF and WBO heavyweight king; Anthony Joshua crashing to the canvas. Making him losing his world champion crown to 121kg underdog Andy Ruiz Jr in one of the biggest shocks in boxing history.

The 29-year-old was decked four times, causing the referee to call a halt to the contest and crown a new heavyweight king at Madison Square Garden in New York. Suffering the first defeat of his career and loosing three tittles in that process.

In round three, Joshua had knocked down Ruiz and seemed in control of the fight, but the Mexican-American went on to knock Joshua down twice himself in the same round to complete one of the greatest rounds in heavyweight history.

Tongues have been waving on what really transpired in the contest, but is that beginning of the ending for heavyweight super star?

Tony Bellew said:

“Let’s all be honest: If he’s facing Deontay Wilder here tonight, is he going to fight like that? Absolutely not, no. Is he?

“He’s going in there with a completely different demeanor, he’s going in there with a completely different set of tactics. What’s happened here tonight – I don’t want to say he’s overlooked him – but there’s no fear factor there. He wasn’t bothered about what was coming back at him.”

Glenn McCrory, however, fears Anthony Joshua could be finished at the top level. The former IBF cruiserweight world champion Said:

 “He’s bottom of the pile. He got beaten up by Andy Ruiz. I think he’s finished. It’s not just the defeat, anybody can get defeated, but the nature of it.

“Andy Ruiz is not an elite athlete, he is not a heavyweight great. He will not go down in icons of legends at all but he is a tough kid and he seized his opportunity. I have to say well done Andy Ruiz.

“Anthony Joshua let himself and the nation down. If you take your eye off the ball then you lose. It’s as simple as that”

While the man at the center stage of all the controversies has nothing but  admiration and commendation for his heavyweight counterpart:

“I just got beaten by a very good fighter tonight. He’s a very grounded fighter and congratulations to the first Mexican heavyweight champion”. Said Anthony Joshua.

But there’s clause of a rematch which can be triggered by the promoter if Joshua’s camp wishes. But will he take the risk of being re-humiliated if he should again lose the rematch which may forever dent is boxing career or try redeemed his position in the boxing world by taking the rematch?

We await as the events unfolds!

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