By Lawal Jamiu 
Birthed in 1972, but transformed to a professional league on the 12th of May 1990 and being rebranded by the League Management Company (LMC), from the Nigerian Premier League to the Nigerian Professional Football League(NPFL) in 2012. As being it part of it’s efforts to  avert a total collapse and change the outlook of the highest level of the Nigerian football league system.
Three decades of its establishment, one expect an already rosy going for the Nation’s top division but rather has experienced many dwindling fortune in recent years. This problems ranges from sponsorship, remuneration, officiating and television coverage. This makes it imperative on the football loving fans of the Nation to resort in  patronizing the foreign leagues, from the English premier league, to the Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, French ligue-1 among others; which in return have had some economical backdrop on the local league.
In 2015, the League Management Company (LMC) solicited financial support from the Government in order to “upgrade of existing grounds and provision of required broadcast equipment and facilities in the stadiums”.  The LMC in it own capacity have been trying to commercialized the league but sponsorship and funding are still far fetched. 
The fact that most of the clubs are own by state government which sometimes being run to promote their political ambitions and also change with change in political atmosphere. This makes the clubs lack in  structure and depth.
Development of sports in any part of the world requires good broadcasting rights as this has become an integral part of the sports industry. But rather, the LMC have had some ups and down in securing those right. In recent years, mainstream broadcasting company has parted ways with the LMC due to  breach of contract, imaging rights –  among others. 
In any business oriented environment, product packages is very vital, this attract retailers and consumers to patronize it, but our domestic league hasn’t level up to that. If not for few, the pitch and stadia facilities are not palatable seeing on screen. 
The security system controlling spectators need to be review. This is very evident in game of Match day 20 of the current NPFL season between Abia Warriors fans with local rivals Enyimba at the Umuahia Stadium. Mostly, our Federal police outfit who have been trained to handle day-to-day criminal activities are being deployed into the stadia facilities to control crowd instead of special trained stewards.
Going forward, player’s medicals and insurances need to be critically look into as they’re currently close to non-existent.
Players welfare which includes but not limited to transfers, wages, bonuses and coaches remuneration need to be constantly review to meet global standards. Therefore,  good and solid sponsorship rights are required, but for that to happen – the league need to be repackage.
But before then, Happy 30th birthday NPFL.

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