Abdulrasheed Akere Abdulkareem writes,

Life is a flood of missions to accomplish, in the face of infinite battles, calling on every man to seek strength and prepare to overcome the challenges that come his way.

The path to success is long and mazy. Some figure it out and reach the victorious land, while others end on the way because their hearts stop. As no one knows when his breathing will pause forever, we ought to do good for the afterlife to be fruitful.

Everyone pursues dreams of becoming, but some visions remain visions for life because of the melodies and threnodies destiny plays with his crooked fingers.

Maybe life does not promise to make everyone successful, but we must strive to make ourselves succeed. While pursuing our dreams, we must bear in mind that there is time for everything. Time serves us happiness, sadness, laughter, tears, health, sickness, regret, hope, pessimism, planting seasons, harvesting seasons, moments to dance, feel remorse, talk, soliloquise, win, lose, meet, depart, recreate and die.

Life is a mirror of the past, a picture of the present, and a herald of the future. Dear! From where are you coming? Where are you now? And to where are you heading?

You survived the past with many lessons that you must imbibe in the present to ensure your future is not an imperfect draft of bygones. Your past battles were tests of courage; so, do not be afraid to live on because there’s the gain after pain. You might loathe your past, but learning from your mistakes makes you a hero.

Remember the saying, “your tomorrow is in your hand”, compare your yesteryears to your present and fix your errors in preparation for the future. Live as if you are not guaranteed the next hour; give no space to procrastination of good deed because the death day is a mystery Solomon failed to unravel.

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