Hamid Fatimah Omotayo writes,

Many a time, people judge books by their covers, but such action is not appropriate. One has to move close to something to know its actual status. At times, what you think of something might hold some water, but the notion of judging things by their cover will deprive you of the inherent knowledge required to assess them without prejudice.

The appearance of someone is not equivalent to their worth.

Allah, the highest, commanded Muslim women to cover themselves with Hijab. He knows it is beneficial to them and society at large. Muslimahs were respected for their modesty, as they abide by the rules guiding its usage, abstaining from acts that sully the users. However, the reverse is the case with our generation. Fully-covered Muslim women today engage in unlawful acts like backbiting, stealing, fraud, prostitution and other vices, bereaving the ‘Muslimah’ status of the dignity and honour people accorded it.

People are not always a reflection of their appearance. At times, people who tag themselves as the true worshippers of God are the purveyors of corruption; a tout can easily disguise as a pastor to hoodwink people. They fall prey to such charlatans because they concluded the book by its cover.

If a person always wears a grimace, it does not petrify his heart, just as there are people who smile and laugh all day who harbour horrible thoughts and intentions. It is through getting to know them that you sort ruby from the rubble. You could harm yourself by judging a book by its cover.

When you see random pairs of a good-looking person and a not so good-looking person, you know nothing about them except their physical traits and fashion sense. You make all sorts of assumptions and gather massive data premised upon their physical appearance. You might get attracted to the good-looking ones yet endanger your life as they may not possess any actual ability or talent. Physical appearance can be highly misleading as they can be utterly valueless things that look so good. Taking things for their face value can be destructive.

In conclusion, it is not appropriate to assess people based on their appearance. Some people look at the cover of a book and feel that the designs, colour, and fancy text speak of better content than a plain book, but that does not always happen. A dull-covered book may hold much more wisdom and insight than you expect, so never judge a book by its cover.

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