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Man city welcome Liverpool at etihad stadium on Thursday.
A defeat for blues might make them lose the premiers league title, making the point interval between them and the Liverpool to increase to ten(10)  points in favour of Liverpool thus this makes this match a prerequisite for Blues to win.

The city needs to win tonight to reduce the points to four(4) points.
Currently, the blues remain at the third position in the league table, lagging behind Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur with one(1) point and ten(10)points behind Tottenham and Liverpool respectively.

The blues side won the premier league with 19 points last season to top Liverpool and  Manchester United. The highest winning record for the Club. Nevertheless, it seems different this year, as the team already lost 3 games. A loss to Chelsea, Crystal palace and Leicester city respectively.
Some fans posit that the regression that entangles the team this season is due to loss of one of their key players, Kelvin De bruyne.

The match between Manchester city and Liverpool tonight would make it the 105th match for the MANCITY including champions league and league cups at City’s stadium. Winning only 34, 25 draw and  46 defeat.

Last season, the hope to stop the defeat record to their arch rival looked positive in the first half of the season,last season as Man city defeated Liverpool to a stunning 5 – 0 down before later they were lashed by a champions league knocked out to Liverpool, as the red beat them both in the first leg and second leg of the league.

Looking into performance statistics of the both teams so far in this season, there’s is high tendency that the blue may lose to Red in the tonight match.

Man city has lost 2 out of their last 4 matches while Liverpool has been in a good shape since the inception of this season, beating Arsenal mercilessly(5 – 1 win) in their last two match. This makes them has the best chance to win the match.

Having gone through some of the comments by the two teams’ managers, they expressed their view in both pessimistic and optimistic way, they also sent  ‘new year greetings’ to each other.

Though, at the pre – match conference on Wednesday, Pep Gurdiola insisted that they might be out of the title race with a defeat to Liverpool on Thursday.’
A defeat to Liverpool on Thursday’s night would be a great setback for the team and it may crash them out of the league.

The Red manager, Jorgeon Kloop raised an alarm on Wednesday that, his team is expecting a thunderstorm from the city. He said that “Pep is an amazing manager, we should be expecting a thunderstorm from them”

In view of the above analysis, it is crystal clear that today’s match is ‘a-must- watch’ match for football lovers. Predict the scores, who will win between the two clubs and leave your comments below…

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