November 27th is the 331st day in the year (332nd day in a leap year), 34 days untill the end of the year.
1910 in USA, Penn Station: The Penn Station opens in New York .
November 27th 1925 in Turkey, the Turkish council of ministers refused to be involved in the compulsory arbitration by way of the League of Nations, concerning the Mosul Territory. This is a piece of land that was heavily disputed by Great Britain and Turkey.
November 27th 1935 was Italy Sanctions. This is concerned about Italian oil and coal embargo mounted. It was expected that “forceful resistance” would be carried out if this was the case. The League of Nations was possibly one of the organizations involved in sanctions against Italy at this time. Part of the reason for this undertaking against Italy was to “punish” this nation for invading Ethiopia. Great Britain was appealing to the League of Nations for help regarding this action.
On 27th of November, 1942, French Admiral Jean de Laborde scuttles the French fleet anchored in Toulon harbor, off the southern coast of France, in order to keep it out of German hands.
Also, on 27th November, 1944, during World War II. Tokyo had been hit with B-29 bombers. Enemy camps in Thailand also had been hit as well. Numerous Japanese vessels such as a heavy cruiser, planes, and other ships were destroyed.
November 27th 1953, Europe Unification:
The two-week debate regarding the unification of Europe was expected to end. An assembly was planning on voting on issues such as the re-arming of West Germany. It was possible also at this time that it would be agreed upon that President Eisenhower and Prime Minister Churchill would be attending the December 4th conference. The newly-elected Premier Joseph Laniel expected to be there as well.
On 27th November, 1961, Somalia Flooding. Somalia has suffered wide spread flooding after the two main rivers, the Shabelle and the Juba, broke their banks and merged in a vast flood plain.
The Prime Minister of Somalia had requested help as the extent of the disaster is far beyond the resources of the Somali government and people. Britain and the United States are flying in Famine relief and medical teams to fight the malaria, typhoid, dysentery and rheumatic fever for the estimated 300,000 who are already homeless. Most of the local food crops have been destroyed, and roads and airstrips are under water, making the task of moving food and medical supplies almost impossible.

Furthermore, November 27th, 1964 at Congo Church, at least 28 more bodies were found inside a church. Among the bodies found, it was reported that some of the lives lost were those of priests and nuns. (Possibly even most of the bodies found were clergy members or helpers.)
On 27th November, 2002 in USA, Money Flow stopped To Terrorists: Per order of President George W. Bush on the day before, the US government was working to stop the money flow to terrorists.
This was an action being implemented on a worldwide basis, particularly in Saudi Arabia. Much more works were yet to be done.

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