Ibraheem Rasaq Bolarinwa writes,
Success is subjective as it does not have a particular definition, but ideally, success can be a result or destination or even an opportunity. We commonly see it as the meeting of the mind or (ad idem) with God on a certain number of targets, aims and goals that men set for themselves.
Schools are secondary agents of socialisation where we meet people distinct from our clan members. Sometimes, the outlook of our life beyond the school environment takes form within the university, and that is why many agree that “your connection determines your net worth,” and your net worth is a portion of your success.
We turn to schools in our pursuit of success, but regardless of your standing, background or level of intelligence that might exceed everyone in the class, never look down on anyone because you are far from perfection. Considering others inferior only inflates your ego to insane levels but does not guarantee success. Bear in mind that “some make it in class and some make it in life,” and the son of nobody you treated like a contagion in class or school can become your benefactor tomorrow.
Similarly, we must learn to tolerate and be not economical in character. Humans exist in two groups; humans in humanity and humans in diversity. While the former expect identical behaviour from fellow humans, the latter agrees that humans have multivarious behaviours. Humans become more insightful when they recognise diversity in creation, appreciating people the way they are. Thus, we ought to recondition our mindsets to overlook the flaws of others as they do ours and coexist in perpetual tranquillity.
In conclusion, we can reap success by fulfilling certain humane righteousness and staying dedicated and committed to God. Let’s keep God close as we hunt for it.

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