Yusuf kawthar Bukola writes,

The growth of a nation is largely dependent on young people, who inarguably, are the work force of that nation. Nigerian youth are the incubators of the change Nigeria needs. This country need the youth to champion the long awaited change— economically, politically,socio-culturally and technologically—by working hard on various sectors and to keep championing causes that will make a difference in society.

It is common knowledge that the youth are endowed with great talents, gifts as well as potentials, most of which are yet to be fully tapped.

The future of this nation rest on the shoulders of the youth. The youth are the movers and shakers of the nation, without them the nation has no future. There are a lot of young people out there who are tired of the failed promise of the government and are ready to fight for what is theirs. Gone are the days when these young–blooded ones depend on the government. Now they fight for their right and lead their sociey. They solve the problems of their communities without help or assistance from the government.

However, let me bring back to your memory the ENDSARS protests. Do you remember how Nigeria youth came out to fight for their right? They mounted pressure on the government to ban the Special Anti Robbery squad, otherwise known as SARS, which is notorious for extra judicial killings, illegal arrests and harassments of citizens. The young protesters, placing their lives on the line, raised placards that accentuated their disgruntlements.

The attrocities of SARS are still etched in our memory. The pain it caused, the grievances in the hearts of the family of the victims they killed and brutalised—we would never forget them. Young Nigerians still up to call the bluff of SARS and in unison they cried out, ‘enough is enough!’

Even during elections Nigerian youth play a big role to ensure accountability and effectiveness of the electoral process. They help in the counting of votes and in sensitizing people about the dangers of electoral malpractice.

Nigerian youths also add value to their communities by voluntarily participating in public works like keeping the environment clean. A typical example is the matter of water pollution that is caused by the lack of good gutters or the act of filling gutters with dirt. Nigerian youth get up to clean these gutters or make new onesnd they make more gutters. This is an evidence that Nigerian youth are problem solvers.

Why should we think that the youth cannot rule us? Why are they looking down on the youth as if they are not educated or are not capable enough to rule us? There are many countless graduate out on the street doing nothing and some are struggling to survive. The potentials inside them are dying because they’ve not been given the opportunities to express themselves. For a new Nigeria to emerge the youth must be allowed to take part in handling the mantle of leadership and diverse opportunities should be given to them to express the potentials they carry inside.

May the labour of our heroes past not be in vain.

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