Faruq Ibrahim Olaoti (POLITER’S PEN) writes,

Due to popular demand, I think it is time to re-introduce this edutaining course. To enable all and sundry grasp the content, context, concepts, aims and objectives of our darling course, “Morocco” I will explain what it means.

It is pertinent to understand that the word “Morocco” is a slang, common amongst the students of the Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto. It represents the social life of Danfodites, especially those who live within the school premises, which is widely perceived as illegal romantic rendezvous around the university.

Morocco can also be seen as the act of engaging and enmeshing oneself in campus relationships. So, when Danfodiyo students say, “You dey do Morocco”, they could mean you’re engaging in such immoral outings around the campus.

However, it is essential to note that Morocco is considered legal by the school management, although within a stipulated time frame. Recall that the Vanguard Press reported on the November 6, 2022, that the Dean of Students’ Affairs, Prof Umaru Aliyu disclosed that students can engage in Morocco until 10:PM. In addition,he warned that any students that violates this rule will face the music.

The legality of Morocco begs the question of its justification and importance. However, to save you the stress of racking your brain for answers, I have come up with some, which are as follows:

• It is part and parcel of academic excellence:

Yes, you read right. It is part of academic excellence. You will always want to make your campus partner proud of you. Hence, you remain law-abiding, loyal, humble and calm everywhere.

• It is part of motivation:

Abraham Maslow’s theory of needs recognizes the critical role motivation plays in enhancing the achievement of personal and organizational objectives, which necessitates the emergence of practically-proven narratives on how performance could be enhanced. In essence, a fellow student whom you love and meet at night will motivate you to exceed your academic expectations.

Still have doubts about registering for the Morocco? Read on…

• It helps calm frayed nerves:

To study any course in UDUS is not easy at all— the stress of lectures, cramming and smoking of bulky course materials, the brutal heat and the marrow-stinging cold can turn one into a zombie. While academics must come first, recreation is also necessary. Most Danfodites have once or constantly graced the hallowed Morocco land. While most of you might deny your involvement in Morocco, know that if you have ever visited a female friend in her hostel or welcomed a male friend in your hostel, regardless of what you do together—gist, do the real Morocco stuff like wmooching, hugging, pecking, erm..ahh and kissing, or even tutorials, as some of you claim,—in the night and around the female hostels, you are one of us. I am sure many that fall into this category must have felt all the tension ease off for a while.

I hope I am not misleading.

•Possible way of meeting a life partner:

In life, we’re bound to meet people in different ways and for different reasons. But meeting your spouse or partner on campus is a rare blessing. Thus, you need to ditch the ideology that dating on campus is all shades of evil. Imagine how magical it will be if you choose to date that brilliant and beautiful character you’ve been crushing on all the while. Good news is that it’s never too late. You can try and shoot your shot today. Morocco will help you modify your self-actualization.

Do the reasons above fail to justify your involvement in Morocco?

Let’s hear your reason(s), someone may find it inspiring!

Faruq Ibrahim Olaoti is a 200-level student of Political Science and  UDUS Morocco Ambassador. Feel free to reach out to him on 08146986379

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