By: Hussein Abdulbashit 

I have always asked myself why how those achievers clinched that enviable feat they are today. I have been ransacking my brain trying to find a response to how those celebrated icons got to where they are today, and it is on the bid of proffering answer to these questions  that I tried to travel down to the mind of sages, eminent, reading stories of those successful people and the teachings of philosophers to answer this question on why dreamers are failing!.

The answer as to the question of why dreamers of today are falling, struggling,  crumbling and couldn’t live up to their imagination. My excavation of great minds got me nothing more three theories which I summarized as:  “THINK BIG,  DREAM BIG, AND DO SOMETHING BIG”. 

Today, we find people asking themselves why they keep working, toiling, and suffering as days and nights tick away but without being successful or living up to their imagination. The simple rhetorical questions we need to ask ourselves is our dreams big enough to make us successful, are we really planning to achieve something big, and do we intend to do something big. 

Believe me, our success cannot be born by working 24/ 7, our success cannot come alive by sweating the hell out of ourselves daily, but our success can be born when we have a powerful vision of what we want to be accompanied by a sumptuous imagination of where we want to be in the days ahead of us.

One of our greatest flaws which is borne out of our misconception is that we believe that working extravagantly will take us there and this has now  created a flaw of letting go of our imagination,  determination, target, passion and creativity. 

The imagination that we need to live outside of our dreams, the determination that we are born to achieve something big, the target that we need to get to that dreamland, the passion that we need to create ourselves  are all let go. Our life only has meaning when we set a path and purpose for it, our dreams becomes meaningful when we live outside of our imagination, and our real self come into picture when we redefine our creativity. 

Don’t dream of yourself coming out of  university with third class because you are not a brilliant chap in your secondary school days, remember that Tony Blair was named dull in his secondary school days. Don’t be pessimistic that you cannot make it to that dreamland because of your poor situation today, be careful it is a man’s belief that keeps him moving. Do not let go of those beautiful imaginations because you are still struggling to achieve one, forget not that Einstein failed thousand times before getting it right to make other inventions. 

Dream big, Think big, and do something big for the sky is the starting line of those who surmount courage to do big things.

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