Adeshina Arigbanlabuwo

Society is primaeval. Tracing its origins will lead us to the earliest existence of humankind and the consequent establishment of the human environment through interaction and recreation. Families metamorphosed into communities, societies and nations.

The 21st century is a chest of atrocities. The evil acts we witness today are by-products of our communities. Every society influences its inhabitants towards emulating the prevalent way of life therein, honourable or reproachable.

Today, parental responsibilities lie neglected and renounced. Parental guidance is supposed to be a prime determinant of the behaviour exhibited by a person, followed by the teachings received at school and religious and other structured settings.

Meanwhile, we can not disregard parental traits and upbringing in character formation. As a common saying goes, “Show me your friend, and I will tell you who you are,” we must not ignore peer influence. Whatever an individual learns at home will eventually reflect in his behaviour beyond it.

Furthermore, immorality is a curse even against planetary nature. Our negative actions have debilitating impact on the natural environment. Therefore, there is a need to curtail and abrogate our excesses as the alpha species on the planet if we must ensure a return of the serenity, inclusiveness, social justice and sanity obtainable in yesteryears.

In conclusion, there is a need for parents to pay more attention to the upbringing of their children by orientating and admonishing them. Proper guidance will equip them with a sense of virtuous behaviour and association. Parents should also strive to be role models to their offspring. Teachers must also let their students know the value of moral decency. When children follow the examples set by their parents, guardians and instructors, immorality will reduce to the barest minimum while morality prevails.

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