Jubril Ahmed

Destiny is a belief in the will or determining cause by which everything comes to pass. It is the belief that whatever befalls anyone or anything, whether good or bad, has been predestined by a supernatural being even before the creature exists.

A person’s fate determines who the person will be from conception, including the gender, race, nationality, life span, personality, circumstances of birth, social status, fortunes and misfortunes. However, despite this belief, some people still find fault in the success of others, harbouring ill feelings towards their achievements.

This envious act occurs in various spheres of life, including schools, workplaces, among friends and within the family. A class will always have brilliant students, average students and dull ones. Mostly, the bright students lead the class and perhaps enjoy attention. Their mates whom they displaced may find fault in their triumph. Some even take it beyond the ordinary, which can birth an evil plot, emotional instability or adversary.

It could also occur in a workplace where a worker enjoys promotions or acclamations due to his enthusiasm and diligence, and others feel he debased them and begrudge the success. A person can also suffer envy amongst his kin because of wealth and social status.

Envy, regardless of the cause, is harmful to everyone involved. It can lead to unhealthy competition, making people compete on unethical grounds. Envy can also be evil eyes, trying to hinder the success of others through diabolic or scandalous means. It could also cause psychological and emotional imbalances in the envier while the person he envies is unaware.

One of the reasons for the prevalence of this cantankerous act is ignorance, which makes people misunderstand the concept of destiny. Many do not know they need not stress themselves or feel bad over others’ achievements because no matter what they do, what will be will be. We would not worry about others’ progress when we know that every joy or affliction a man encounters is a manifestation of predestination, which existed before he came to life.

Conversely, healthy competition is proper in life. We can emulate those that are successful and meet with them for orientation regarding their recipe for achievements. Such a competition should ensue with a clear mind, with no ill feelings.

We must accept that, in life, some people will be better than us, like we are better than some. We ought to focus on those below us rather than those above and embrace healthy competition instead of the unhealthy kind. The success of others should make us hopeful and not terrible. We must have good intentions and a clean mind whilst dealing with everybody so that God can elevate our status.

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