Beyond the loud cheers and jubilation that accompany the celebration of a new year which in entirety isn’t bad, the new year also presents an opportunity for a deep reflection of the past year – the wrongs and rights alike – in order to correct where is erroneous and better where is fair.

It also provides a platform for personal improvement and growth. You should then strive to do better than the previous year, and not let the obstacles of that year hinder you from reaching the zenith that you’re meant to go beyond.

Remember, this is 2019. I repeat, 2019. Refuse to be tied with the regrets and mistakes of 2018, because they died with it. The past is the past. Work on your present, and anticipate the resulting future.

2018 has been a beautiful year for this press board. Notable wins/awards and the like. It is as a result of you all, because without you, we’re simply a ‘readerless’ press outfit. So we are deeply grateful for the readership, and promise to keep up with the genuineness of our news and quality of our writings this new year, and years to come.

Happy New Year dear readers. From all of us at Pen Press UDUS.

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