You were engrossed in the WhatsApp statuses you were watching with Emeka that you didn’t know when Bolaji waltzed into the apartment. Out of the blues, you looked up and noticed him dancing and smiling as if his life depended on it. Seeing him in the house surprised you – neither of you saw him come in; moreover, Emeka told you he would return much later. His sudden appearance bothered Emeka, but not as much as his odd dance steps and creepy smile made you uncomfortable.

“Breakfast done reach me,” he announced without waiting for you to ask.

“Breakfast? Reach you. As in? We had breakfast before you left, nah,” Emeka expressed his confusion.

“Fati just broke up with me. That was what she wanted to talk about,” his smile gave way to his words, but you did not perceive an iota of worry in him.

“Are you joking with us or what?” you asked, unable to fathom why Bolaji acted the way he did – Emeka had told you Bolaji loved Fatima to a fault.

“Have I ever joked about something this serious?” he shot back, grinning mischievously.

“If what you’re saying is true, then it’s serious. But I can’t say the same for your mood,” Emeka revealed.

“Well, what to do? She wants nothing more to do with me. So?” he put in lackadaisical.

“Guy! You are a wonder. I’d have staked my last card against you handling breakfast this well,” you exclaimed, unable to hide your surprise.

“Well, what to do? She wants nothing more to do with me. So?” he put in lackadaisical. and you joined him.

“She found someone else?” you asked, trying to understand the rationale behind the breakup.

You knew Bolaji was no womaniser, and that was why he frowned at your relationship with Emek. Therefore, you were sure the breakup was not because of infidelity, like Emeka’s. Plus, he had his way with convincing people – he could have easily talked Fati out of her tantrums as Emeka swore he had always done since they began dating.
Thus, you concluded that it must have been that Fati found someone else.

“I have no idea. It ain’t like I care anyway,” Bolaji answered.

His nerves were as calm as the evening sea breeze.

“Maybe I should speak to her,” Emeka suggested, hoping to see his reaction -mayhap, he wanted her back.

“You would do no such thing, bro. If she says she is breaking up with me, then so be it,” he declared, nodding in declination.

You could tell that Bolaji was uninterested in having Emeka speak with her to reconsider her decision.

“Don’t tell me you are willing to let your relationship of more than twenty months go to waste because of your ego,” Emeka coaxed, almost in whispers.

“Ouch! It hurts that my best friend of more than twenty years does not understand me,” he frowned, holding his chest as if his heart ached.

You had no idea Bolaji could be so crazy.

to be continued…
Do you think Bolaji is right to give up Fatima without a fight?
Do you think Emeka is right about Bolaji letting his ego control him?
What else do you think?
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