Hassan, …

“I am sorry to disappoint you, but I must confess that I do not know this hardtack part of you,” Emeka submitted, wishing he had not said what he did.

“Hardtack isn’t so hard these days, anyway. I am still the gentleman I have always been,” Bolaji announced, raising his hand as if he was taking an oath.

“It’s you who has ego problems, bro, and you know it. You let Grace go because you couldn’t say sorry, yet you tell me this shitty story of letting ego control me,” he added, looking Emeka in the eyes.

You had never seen him so angry.

“I am sorry, but” Emeka tried to apologise, but Bolaji cut him off.

“But what? Obviously, you are not sorry,” he concluded and resumed his dance towards his room.

Emeka slid back onto the sofa, and Bolaji’s words resounded in your mind. God! He was right – because of pride, Emeka ended his relationship with Grace instead of apologising to her. He regretted it but dared not ask her to forgive and take him back.
Emeka told you earlier that calling his mom had been off the charts since the breakup because he dreaded her reaction – he would have to talk to her about it when she asks of Grace, and he did not want to lie that everything was fine. He wished he could turn back the hands of time to when she knew nothing about his escapades, but you both knew it was too late. All he could do was reminisce upon the moments they spent together.

You were content that Emeka lost Grace because she chose him instead of you; that was what you wanted to happen when you dared him to say the truth about Leemah – Saleemah.


Saleemah was a friend and coursemate who got married while in UG1. She did not love the man, but her parents insisted she became his third wife because he was stinkingly rich. She had just clocked twenty but was quite the charmer. Her marriage made it dawn on you that you could not have her, but hitherto, she could not put up with your
promiscuous ways. She soon resigned to fate and went about her married life happily, and you almost became non-existent in her world. Her husband seemed to be taking good care of her as she rode flashy cars and looked happy and radiant.

However, the happiness did not last. Saleemah lost her husband to a plane crash six months after their wedding. As expected, the loss was heavy for her – becoming a widow at twenty-one was something you could not wish for anyone. But the tragedy was not as saddening as the insistence of the family that she marry her late husband’s half-brother if she wanted her fair share of her husband’s properties. She would have walked away from the family, but again, her parents pressured her into becoming the fourth wife of her late husband’s younger brother.

to be continued…
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