Whether the Bata drum is beaten  there or here, it echoes here and there. Resumption has finally arrived despite the long travails between ASUU and FG, or betterstill, the round table feastings which seemed as no party would budge for the other; whether it was suspended or called-off, the school has resumed and the academic activities have kicked-off. While the tick-tack of the session’s pendulum swings everyday and within a wink of an eye, the examinstion hour is a stone away – some eighty something days to go.

“When a deer wakes up in the jungle.
He thinks that if he didn’t run with all his might, then he will die.

“it’s the same morning, a lion wakes up and thinks, that if he didn’t run with all his might, then he will die of starvation”

Whether you are a deer or a lion, the challenge has finally been birthed. In this jungle of Academic pursuit, whosoever wishes to thrive must be ready to run with all his might.

Rowdiness is the attribute of market, silence is the attribute of hospital, unrestness is the attribute of students— challenge of queuing for registration, moving from pew to pew to attend lectures, embarking on a sleepless night to read are all the inevitable travails for students .

It is essential for the returning students to learn from experiences, whether your result is wise or the otherwise, you still have to stand in a solid phalanx. A Scholar today may later turn to dullard if the effort is relented, the delight of having a good result should trigger your morale to work harder to achieve more good grades as it is not over until it is over.

On the other way round, failure should not confine us from rising,  a failure comes to teach us a lesson.
To fall is not a tribulations, but to rise is a prerequisite for every dreamer who has in one time or the other experience a failure.

Do you have bad grade? or do you have poor CGPA?  and you still have the chance to amend, it should be an opportunity for you to intensify your effort and redeem your chink, it only requires proper planning ahead— the sun at the sky now is enough to dry a cloth, make hay while the beams last.

It is a new session,one of the things that kill a student’s ride is procrastination. Most students believe that there are still more smiling days ahead before the cold hands of exams come calling – they use their early semester to play, forget their primary assignment, and when it is time for the exam they will want to have it all within a couple of days; they read restlessly and wanted to be seen as the most engaged student on campus.

One proverb says: ” To fail to prepare is to prepare to fail” planning ahead of exams start now, ranging from reading persistently to attending lectures and jotting down the basics in the class among others start now , not until eleventh hour to the exam

Research shows that almost 60% of Danfodites do not read persistently until few days to the tests and exams.
A cursory look at how scanty the classes and library used to be before the exams and how clumsy they used to be during the time of exam can testify to the above assertion.
The best way to suffer yourself as a student is to defer your reading time till after examination season.
Students are not expected to read during the exam, it is expected that examination window should serve as time of revision for students.
Danfodiyo students are fond of clamouring over excruciating sleepless nights during the exams and the major story behind this is the inability to study painstakingly right from the outset of the dawn.

There’s an African proverb that says “plan with a purpose, prepare with prayer, proceed with positivity and pursue with persistence.

As the tussle of the 2018/19 academic session begins, PEN PRESS UDUS wishes  you a retentive memory through out your academic endeavours and a hitch free session till your year of graduation

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