It is only an ingrate that will undermine the effort of the University management in building such an exotic Bakasi hostel to ensure that sufficient accommodations are provided for the betterment of students’ welfarism.
Bakasi hostel is situated  behind the pro metric ICT centre. Unlike other hostels, the exterior part of the hostel is structurally well constructed and the interior part is well-furnished with state-of-the-art facilities; the fans are working effectively, the sockets are well fixed  to enable hostellers to fix their gadgets, the mirror reflects the blazed clear path to the hall, the bulbs illuminate the nooks and crannies of the hall; they are all working efficiently.
The grounds of the hostel are  cemented with everlasting tiles and the kitchens and stores are annexed to the washroomsIn fact anybody who enters the hostel will be left with no other but to raise an hand of God,  heap praise on the University management.
To preserve the above enumerated laudable features of the said hostel, it is essential for the University management and the students dwelling in the hostel to ensure proper maintenance of the luxuries in the hall in order to preserve the eye appealing quality of the hostel.
A plant that’s not  constantly watered will surely die-off, the students should avoid the usage of strong electrical appliances to ensure the stability of electricity supply in the hostel. This will surely curb the recurrent light tripping malady in the varsity. 
Health is wealth; wealth is health, they say. It is essential for students to maintain a high level of hygiene.
Refuses and filths should be disposed  at appropriate places so as to maintain the cleanliness of the hostel surrounding.
Let’s take a cursory look at the way students recklessly misuse the restrooms at Jibril Aminu hostel. Students use restrooms with no respect for cleanliness which left the average students with no other option but to resort to the bush.
On the same lane, students are the leading factors contributing to the black-out that hits halls of residence.
They disrupt electricity supply through the usage of strong electrical appliances, and then pelt the whole blame on the University management.
Students are also gored of carting away bulbs fixed outside the male hostel which engulfed most of the halls in darkness.
On the other way round, the University management  should ensure the availability of all the necessary social amenities  across the hostels. With no iota of doubt, this will go a long way to ensure a more saner and safer learning environment. 
For the restrooms to be tidy and neat, the University management should also ensure the proper channel of waste, and clearing of same routinely.
The hostel portals also have vital roles to play, there should be immediate replacement of any faulty facilities. 
The hostel cleaners should also ensure absolute cleanliness at every tower. 
The old hostels also have one time be as exotic as Bakasi hostel but it’s the students’ destructive attitudinal malady and the lack of proper management and maintenance by the University management that led the social amenities there to the state of jeopardy.

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