Faruq Ibrahim Olaoti writes,
The students of Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto, have lamented bitterly over the blackout at B09 and MH1 Halls.
They pleaded to the school management to repair the light in two halls that the students are using to read at night.
Zakariyah Kafilat, a 200-Level student of Education and Biology expressed her displeasure over the power outage at B09 class. She said that it’s improper and very bad for students reading in a very dark place like the class, where mosquitoes also disturb and distract students from reading due to the inactiveness of the ceiling fans as a result of the blackout.
“Mostly when we are reading with the torch, it affects the eyes. We would be very glad if the school management can help us fix the light,” she pleaded.
Another student, Abdulrasheed Ibrahim Oluwakunmi, a 300-Level student of Economics who was seen sweating profusely while reading, sadly said that it wasn’t easy for him to read in the class because of the blackout.
“This B09 has been the class I have been using to study since my 100-Level days. So, I find it very difficult to read in other classes aside from this class,” he disclosed.
Ibrahim added that he would be very glad if the school management repairs the light.
Like Kafilat and Ibrahim, Abubakar Abdulrahman, a 100-Level student of Medicine and Surgery also lamented over the blackout at the BO9 lecture hall.

He said that it would be laudable if the management fixes the light because reading in a class without electricity is not encouraging at all.
“Apart from the lack of comfortability, there are some certain insects like mosquitoes that can be harmful to one’s health and might lead to sickness and deprive such a person of having good and smooth academic days,” he said.
Despite the usefulness of the MH1 lecture Hall for reading and also as a place of worship for the Christians, the Hall also suffers from electricity blackouts.
While speaking with Ibrahim Abubakar Sadiq, a 200-Level student of Political Science, he said that he has resumed on campus since the 27th of October and there is no electricity in the Hall.
“We are just struggling to manage our torches. Sometimes, we do sit under the solar to read because of the lack of electricity,” Abubakar said.
He also pleaded that the school management comes to students’ aid at the MH1 lecture hall.
“It will be very easy for us to read at night if the management reinstalls the electricity because reading at night with the light at UDUS has become part and parcel of us. Whenever you’re reading at night without any light, it is evident that you’re doing nothing,” he added.

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