E don tey since when di Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) use pad lock on top di gate of our universities. Di betterment of our education and to get di salary wey govment dey owe dem na di reason dem dey strike.

However, e get one question wey student don dey ask now and dat na: wetin we gain? As dis strike kasala don dey take time so, student don begin dey voice out dia complain. Dem say dem don taya for dis strike as dem no see anytin to gain from di strike wey ASUU talk say na for dia right e be.

Speakin wit me on top Pen Press pidgin tori platform, some concerned danfodites express dia mind.

Ridwan Mohammed, 400l student for political science talk say: ” I No benefit anytin from dis strike at all.I suppose dey school dey battle wit my books by dis time but now I just dey house dey sidan from mornin till evenin dey do notin. I don taya to dey Sidan, if no be becos of dis ASUU and dia strike wahala, person for know wetin e don cover now. I use God take dey beg FG and ASUU make dem help save us from this wahala.”

Francis wey dey for 200l education economics yan di following: ” Na movie person just dey watch for house oo. My brain don dey die small small sotey I no fit define some school mata without opening my book. If to say I dey skul at least guy go don know book small add for the one wey dey down but tanks to di shikini fashion designer wey I be. I for don Kpeme for street.Make I just stop for here if not wetin dey guy mind and di way guy dey suffer for here ehnn…”

Saka Suleman, anoda 400l student from political science tell me on top pidgin tori say: “ASUU strike don scatter many of my plans. Di strike just make me just dey imagine how long we go continue like dis. E make me bored unto say no work wey person for dey do for di main time. E also dey kill my spirit to continue to do research on my project.”

Dis na just di tip of di ice berg for dis mata. E go sweet student tumtum belle if govment and ASUU join head together resolve dis problem sharpaly. Na di prayer of everi student to go back school in time.

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