Translated by: Promise Eze 200l Edu/Econs

Pen press UDUS, di press outfit inside Usman Danfodiyo University wey don collect boku award, don launch one ogbonge mobile app on Thursday, 3rd of January, 2019. Di app dey for play store.

Na di Editor-in-Chief na im share di idea in 2018 of pen press wey get di aim to dey bring real and better news wit writings, to rebrand deir blog and make am accessible to pipo wey no fit access am and also to meet up wit global standard. For interview with di EIC, comrade Nurudeen Akewushola talk say dem rebrand di blog so dat e go contain tins wey go make am easily acessible and convenient.

“Before before, some of our readers wey no get android phone and no dey social media tell us say dem wan dey view our content through blog. Pen press dey to serve; na wetin make us rebrand am and add features wey go make am easily accessible. Since di world dey become global, pen press no dey ready to dey for back.” Im talk.

Di wey outfit wey dey try maintain im good name and make sure say im readers belleful, go further to design one mobile app wey go link di Facebook page and di blog togeda.

“Di mobile app no hard at all. If you download and install am, e go carry you sharp sharp go two links wey go display Pen Press UDUS’ facebook page and blog.”

Comrade Akewushola go further to talk say dem create di app to dey easily access both di blog and facebook on top di same platform.

“If you get di app, you no need to dey open your facebook app before you fit read our content. You no need to also visit di blog through your browser. Di app go make tins easy because e get direct link to di facebook page and blog.”

He talk say Pen Press UDUS wan try meet up wit di 21st century journalism standard, and wit di app for deir hand, dem don dey achieve dat dream. Im talk say:

We for Pen Press UDUS no dey limit oursef to di regular journalism wey pipo sabi, we wan chook our hand into journalism proper and do wetin pipo go enjoy. Although di app no ensure dat one sha, but at least na dere we dey go.”

Comrade Akewushola continue di talk by telling di readers of di outfit make dem expect new and jollificating package dis 2019:

“Danfodite suppose sabi say dis year, Pen Press dey carry im journalism waka into another level. In addition to di columns wey dey now – Morocco 101, Monday Motivation, Poetry Pot, Fiction Wednesday and Pidgin tori, we go soon add more.
I go dey assign our reporters to dey carry out investigative research for di tin wey dey happen around UDUS, wey go enable us publish information go replace amebo  and lie lie about our school.”

You fit download di Pen Press UDUS app on top playstore via:


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