Mudathir Hayatullahi (Abu Lubabah) writes,
200-level students of the Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto, have expressed dissatisfaction over the absence of Grade Points (GP) on their respective results portals.
The students lament that their grade points and other remarks are missing from their accounts despite the release of results. This issue affects the 200 level students of almost all the departments in the school.
Abeeb Opeyemi, a 200 level student from the Department of Arabic, disclosed to Pen press that he noticed the disappearance of his GP since he paid his TSHIP fee but thought it would reappear once his results were released. Unfortunately, he was wrong.
“I’m no longer feeling comfortable because almost all my results are out, and I don’t know my fate yet. I can’t say precisely what my grade point is,” he said.
Upon asking Abeeb if he had taken any step on the issue, Pen press learnt he had not contacted anyone because he felt it was a general issue.
“I now realize that not everyone is affected. I will be glad if the Management Information System (MIS UDUS) can help us, the affected ones, rectify the issue and let all necessary information on our results portal show again,” he said.
Hamid Fatimah Omotayo, a 200 level student of Education and Biology, also complained that the disappearance of her GP on her results portal denies her opportunities, as she can not present her result slip without a GP and other necessary information.
“I could not register for the UDUS Scholars’ Forum, which closed on the 12th this month because they requested that we upload our results, and mine carries no GP,” she said.
Fatimah added that she took a step in making sure the problem ceases, but her effort proved abortive.
“I have sent a complaint and my details to, but there is no positive development so far. I urge the management to find a solution to it so the affected students can know their fates,” she said.
Ihekwoaba Ifeanyi Augustine, a 200 level Literature student of the Modern European Languages and Linguistics Department, also expressed his sadness at seeing the missing fields on his results portal.
“Although I’m yet to do a thing about it, I feel so uncomfortable knowing that my GP is not reflecting on my portal. I, therefore, plead with the MIS to please look into it and help rectify the issue,” he said.
Another 200 level student from the Department of Science and Vocational Education, Abdulkareem Abdulrasheed Akere, also raised concerns about the omission of his GP on his result portal.
“It (the absence of a GP) is denying me from applying for a Scholarship offer which is closing soon. They asked us to submit our results, but my own is not showing GP,” he said.
Abdurasheed further pleaded that the Management Information System help the affected students know their respective statuses.
Oba Zainab Opeyemi, a 200 level student of English Language, also complained that her GP is not reflecting on her results portal.
“My results remain 1 to be released, but I don’t know what my GP reads up till now, except if anyone who knows how to calculate it helps me with that. I am not happy with the state of my results portal at all because it’s denying me a lot of opportunities that I would have applied for,” Zainab said.
Speaking with the Director, Management Information System, Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto (MIS, UDUS), Mallam Isah Ahmad Chafe, he declared his obliviousness to the challenge these students face because no one has submitted any letter of complaint to his desk regarding the issue.
“The affected students should write formal application to the MIS office, stating in the letter the problem they face on their results portal, and we shall look at and treat the issues accordingly,” he said.
The director further advised that students should endeavour to follow up whenever they submit applications on any problem by visiting the MIS office to trace their complaints.
“It’s not that we automatically fix the problem narrated in the students’ letters. Some of the problems call for the student’s attention, and we will comment on that letter. This will only be known to the student who submitted the letter when s/he follows up the letter by coming to our office to trace it, but if (you) come to our office now, you will see the number of letters on the secretary’s desk which we’ve commented on, but the students refuse to come and check.
“If you submit an application and the issue is not treated yet, it’s either it has not been attended to, because we receive a lot of applications which my staff members are always busy working on, or you come and trace your letter,” he said.

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