Hamid Fatimah Omotayo writes,
In our contemporary world, women are the most molested beings– they give them no regard, they are seen as sex objects and nothing more aside that.
All these mindsets need to change, we must erase it all and I vow to do my part in erasing the mentality of treating women as trash.
We have our own rights too as women, we are to be treated like humans that blood run through their veins, not as trash any longer.
I will like to ask ask few questions before I proceed. Why are women not secured? Why is the society using them as sex tools? Why are they victims of women trafficking? Why are we folding our arms and these are happenings?
I feel hurt whenever all these come through my mind, it changes my mood and my entire body system, I wonder when all these will stop and we will have our lives and freedom back.

I believe and have the hope that with my pen that bleeds and that won’t stop bleeding, women will have their lives and security back.
Human trafficking is known as illegal transportation of human for the purpose of money or pleasure. In other word, it’s called modern-day slavery.
It is a crime that involves compelling or coercing a person to provide labor or services, or to engage in commercial sex acts.
Across the globe, millions of women and girls live in the penumbra of human trafficking.
Women are being deceived that they have gotten them a job outside the country, out of wedlock they see it as an opportunity to be free from poverty, they grab the offer, being myopic of the aftermath happenings.
On getting to the countries, they introduce them to the opposite sex, they mate with them, some will even rape them, some women will be commanded to be having affairs with dog and other different animals.
We now have babies making industry, where infant are being produced. Who are their workers? Our women being transported illegally out of the country.
They have been traded to birth babies, they give them pills and inject sperm to their bodies to produce babies for them.
They are beaten and bullied without any sign of resistance.
Women are put under pressure to marry who they never have feelings for, they are being threatened with physical or sexual violence and placed under psychological distress to gain benefits from who they want them to get married to.
Women are forced to carry out criminal activities through coercion or deception, they engage them in drug trades, robbery and selling of counterfeit goods.
Girls are subjected to about 12-18 hours of cleaning, baby care, cooking and other forms of household chores and hard work. Such girls are the first to get up in the morning and the last to go to bed in the household.
Women are also used as victims of human trafficking in bars, strip clubs and cantinas.
They are forced to provide customers with flirtatious companionship to entice them to purchase high- priced alcoholic beverages that often come to an explicit or implicit agreement for commercial sex act.
Women are also sold out permanently often by her family to settle a drug debt, to an individual buyer for the explicit of engaging in periodic sex acts over a long period of time.
All these activities can be stopped and, for changes to occur, the advocacy must start from you and me.
This can be achieved by speaking out, raise your voices and never allowed being cheated.
Whenever you are told that there is a job opportunity outside the country, desist from it and be satisfied with any menial job you engage in here.
Hamid Fatimah Omotayo is a 200 level Student of Education and Biology at Usmanu Danfodiyo University. She is also the Financial Secretary of Pen Press UDUS.

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