Mohammed Oluwatimileyin Taoheed writes,
Being an outstanding citadel of learning, Usmanu Danfodio University, Sokoto is one that takes sports activities very vital. Situated in its peaceful environment is with great gay that the students of superb schools engage in physical fitness activities.
Facts to back up this up are the countless number of big awards the school has bagged easily in this field at various, respective sports. Truly, the management is to be commended for providing useful facilities such as training equipment and other things which will aid the practice of the students who are sport enthusiasts in the school.
Also, a lot of student-writers trained by Pen Press have been making a huge amount of money from writing on sports as entertainment for various media houses, this feat has been something set on the sail by the awesome way the university holds sport.
Not only the basketball game; volleyball, table tennis, badminton but also a spacious stadium for the king of sport -which is soccer. But, unfortunately, the soccer stadium is sparkling with shrubs as at now! This might be as a result of the fact that we just enter into the dry season where plants stand out gallantly.
Now, this fear that the shrubs will take control of the field is heightened and the only place that will be left out for activities would be less than enough.
Students will easily find it hard to jettison activities that are sports related if the stadium keeps wearing the frightening look regardless of much equipped the facilities therein are.
Since one of the main objectives of the university is to have a clean atmosphere devoid of bush, that is why it’s at these core moments that the management is being perturbed reiteratedly to take steps and reinforce this sagacious initiative.

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