Abdulrasaq Isiaq Mustopha writes,
We become the victims of vampires who eat our hearts with their fallacies, we put our trust in them, yet, they betray us.They promised us great future, but they steal the bright one from us.
The Government turn us to their tools by poisoning our hearts and minds with their lies, they turn us against each other just because of what we need (power, money, freedom, etc).
Life becomes politics, cultures become nonvaluable and no morality in the world again, what we call cultures now become the playing tools.
What can we do to turn the table? Life becomes so hard for the masses, and the richer turn the less privileged into their slaves, just because they (the poor) want to put food on their tables.
Children become shame for their parents, while the graduates become non precious people which the society think they do not need, just because they are unemployed, some graduates turn to motorcycle riders, bus drivers, and some become hand made tools producers which give them some daily earnings for feeding. So sad, some of these graduates, out of poverty, become armed robbers, terrorists, and kidnappers, just because they can’t bear the mock of the people as unemployed graduates any longer, some become fraudsters who ripe everyone who come across them, just to feed themselves. Life now become unfair (which some people connote as ”this life no balance”) because of the so-called Government we practice.
Despite the fact that we are the fingers that impose them into the office of power, they still steal from us. They become the thieves who steal with authority, they can’t be arrested and we can’t do anything about it, we vote for them without knowing that they will be the destruction of our future, their children enjoy standard education while they look at the masses as being delayed because of strike.
They visit us once in four years, we see them only if they want to destroy our lives, they turn us to ignorant who don’t know how life is run, not knowing that we know how it runs more than they do. Life becomes the “survival of the fittest and eliminating the unfit” in the streets. Many citizens have lost their lives to the hand of hunger, child becomes another person’s, stoning his parent to death, just because of their illusions.
Father uses her daughter for money ritual, because of house rent and tax. Police, SARS, civil servants and the military are collecting bribe because of unpaid salaries, we censure them, yet they have no media of income aside their salaries and allowances.
Nigeria, the country of the people by the people, and for the people, is now the country of individual, country where people live with peace and harmony has now turned to the exact opposite.
We trust them, yet they betray us. We become the victims of the vampires who eat our hearts with their lies and turn us into one of them.
Scammers increase in rate because everyone wants to be successful. Everyone wants to triumph before his brother does, which is not in our native culture, but we are already in their captive.
Nigeria, the country of peace is now the country of trouble where prostitutes become the main job of both males and females, yet they lie to us, that they want to fix the unbuild country, but everything is already in scattered.

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