By: Gobir Habeeb Bolaji

The importance of living in a well furnished and convenient apartment in the academic performance of a student cannot be over-emphasized.It’s on this basis that a multitude numbers of students that are allocated to bakkasi hostel see it as a blessing in disguise. The modern equipment used in furnishing the hostel makes the majority of them to believe that the hostel will be more convenient for them.
Sincerely, the block is well furnished as expected, but it’s however saddening  to say that most of the new set of equipment used in furnishing the hostels are not working effectively.

Apart from the long distance of the block to lecture halls, Bakkasi block dwellers are suffering from lack of adequate water, tripping of light in many rooms and all other problems and challenges that are also prevailing in jibril Aminu hostel. This however makes some students to arrive at the conclusion that the hostel is more of jibril Aminu, and tag the hostel with no uniqueness.

Bakkasi hostel is a two building apartment with hundreds of rooms. This however makes a division of the block to be Block A and Block B. Notwithstanding the limited numbers of blocks in this hostel, students still live in difficulty due to the unavailability of adequate water supply.

Block A is a typical example of what I’m  saying, the water tank in that block works at interval. All the big tanks in the hostel are just for decoration, they hardly supply the residents of that block with adequate water. It’s premise on this that the inhabitants of that block need to walk a mile to the other block to fetch water. This however creates a lot of stress and discomfort to the dwellers of both blocks due to the long queue for water.

The hostel is a new building and the presumption is that all the equipment used in furnishing the hostel will be working effectively but the reverse is the case as many welfare provisions for the students are not working effectively.

In addition, one can not rule out the importance of having a mini market in the hostel for students to get easy access to some of their daily needs.  Bakkasi hostel dwellers are not provided with a mini market, even with the long distance of the hostel to the school mini market. Students find it difficult to buy provision and this has played a leading role in making the life of residents in that hostel to be excruciating , worrying and tormenting.

Similarly, it will be of paramount important if the SUG can find a way of moving a garage park to the hostel in other to afford the residents of that block the opportunity of taking bike and other means of transport to their various destination. This is very important because the distance of that hostel to some faculties is too long . How do you expect a student whose lectures are always fixed in A classes to survive the hostel without any means of traversing from the hostel down to the lecture hall. All these issues coupled with other menace bewildering the hostel are contributing negatively to the life of the students dwelling in Bakkasi hostel.
It’s however my humble opinion that all these issues need to be solved in no time. The Students’ Union should ensure that the maintenance stationed in that blocks are working effectively in ensuring that all the challenges facing students such as to shortage of water, stable electricity supply are being attended to. Equally, the SUG should find a way of moving a minimarket to the hostel together with a garage park in order to make life convenient and interesting to students residing in Bakkasi hostel.

Gobir Habeeb Bolaji is a 300 level law student and also a campus journalist writing for pen press Udus

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