Abdulrazaq Isiaq Mustapha writes,

According to religious believers, hell is where the devil lives, and the house of evildoers after their demise. Despite the validity of this faith, it can also be established that the hell can be felt in this material world. 

Living a life in the hell is not that one is already in hell fire, but it’s determined by the agony one is going through; his wild experience, calamities that befalls him, and the nature of one’s existence.

Some people are living in serious hardship, feeling hot inside them but cool outside. Some people even appear not like a human due to how life treats them mercilessly with anguishes.

There are lots of dilemma that set some people to live a hell life on earth; many have been battling with the problems for more than a decade, yet all efforts prove abortive. The following are capable of putting human beings in the bondage of life they loathed:

Family Issues


This happens when one encounters a different kinds of problems from their own family, such as maltreatment from parents, sisters, and brothers which leads them into a different bad way of life by their unfortunate experience in life. Their anticipations are to receive care and love from their lineage, but their aims head otherwise.

Their ideas are not welcome in the family; they can’t properly do anything, even if they do, they will be castigated rather than praised for contributing to the greatness of the family. Some of them have been conversant with beating and harassment to the limit and they don’t even feel it again, because it has become their daily routine task.

They were served sad meals every day; some were even left famished. This is a feature of living a hell life on earth; they become awful and question their souls if truly they belong to the family or were adopted. Perpetual occurrence of this cruel treatment made many people abscond from home to live as orphans; aftermath, they become fishbones to the esophagus of society.

Financial Issues

Financial problems exceed being unable to purchase all that we want or need, it’s actually when one ventures into great debt and is chased around by a loan shark. The moneylender will beat you like you don’t even exist and you can’t escape from them if you mistakenly lend money from them.

People are facing financial problems in various mediums — some can’t afford daily bread; free water is their only food, they are experiencing hell through hunger. Someone who finds it difficult to put food on the table will not think of material (clothes) to put on.

They can’t even think right like other people, due to poverty; besides, the thought in their mind is how to end lives to escape from the hell they are confronting, but there’s no escape route unless their death time reaches. If you are privileged to ingest the three daily meals, be grateful to God because some people lack that privilege.


The greatest problem is sickness, in the sense that if someone is mentally or physically unhealthy, he won’t even think of money because without fitness, he can’t have the ability to strive for riches — “health is wealth”. The sick person will only be praying to survive the ailment; be healthy, and feel the world again, because the sickness has taken his soul far away from the body on the bed.

Although running stomach (pile), visiting toilet five times per hour, together with headache, is also sickness, the main sickness is that of mental disorders. Anyone suffering from this malady is naive about what he is doing; where he is, and what he eats. He would shamelessly wander the whole city naked because he is badass and insane — that is the real hell on earth.

Those in coma care not for food, wealth, clothes, and what the world has become due to sickness that ceases their health. The time is ticking but they can’t hear it, they are hurt but they do not feel it again. Afterward, they may get well or die if the affliction conquers their soul.

On the end note, it’s better for every human being to care for themselves and be grateful for everything the Lord has blessed them with. None of this life trials should push man against his Lord and become the companion of satan. The Almighty has no other punishment in the thereafter than hell fire, but it is best when man walks in the the way of his Lord, seek forgiveness from misdeeds and always pray for heavenly eternal bliss as final abode.

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