By Tasi’u Aminu

Amidst the obnoxious state of Nigeria, the North, which comprises three geo-political zones; the North East, North West and North Central, is on the verge of being swallowed by a black mamba and deposited in its poisonous pouch.

All efforts to pull the North out of the mess, so far, is futile. The North longs to hug peace, but instead, is hung on the rope of despair. The injuries the North sustained from maltreatment has escalated beyond control of the forces in charge.

This existential threat continues to shake the region to the extent that even a peasant farmer who solely relies on small-scale farming to provide food to his hungry family knows no peace. The menace has engulfed tranquility, leaving the northerners physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally traumatized.

The victims of these ugly developments, who mostly happen to be people living in rurals and hinterlands, have faced death in droves, especially in states like Zamfara, Sokoto, Kaduna and elsewhere. The bereaved families roar continuously, crying for the government to come to their rescue but all efforts to restore peace in the region have evaded success.

The insecurity situation has chased away good fortune for the region, particularly the iNorth-West. Investors and business tycoons have lost interest in establishing businesses in the region.

The concomitant rise in the cost of living has coerced many households into bewilderment—their hustle can no more sustain their families. Now, every northerner questions how they have erred by simply being from this region.

Middle-class families live in fright of running bankrupt from paying ransom to free their abducted relatives. Pastoral farmers have also lost their wealth to bandits. And everyone is weary, waiting for God to rescue them from their plight.

The Northerner is forced to disbelieve that he voted for the so-called politicians to secure his life and properties. Northern Nigeria is extremely angry, calling her leaders to treat her bleeding wound. “Dress me well, I want to be at peace and compete with other peaceful regions across the country” are the only words that the North is speaking to her leaders.

The leadership of the Federal and regional governments need to fasten their belts to combat the security challenges in the North and the country, in its entirety because peace is the currency for national development, and when there is not, the nation will be stagnant.


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