Abdulrasaq Isiaq Mustopha writes,
Here they’ve come again, the liars, those who consume our hearts through their prevarication, they have approached us again, begged us to impose them into power, we should be the government and they; our representatives, but they have turned the tables against us, we are now the slaves and they are now our owner.
Who are we? We are the kingmakers, who are they? They are the kings we made. Nevertheless, on the fact that we are the ones that impose them into office, they still torture us with economic catastrophe, social chaos, poor education, hunger and general poverty among other nauseating issues.
They are here again, the government are here again to give us our usual four-year salaries and allowance of sufferings and to hoard our hearts and bodies in chains. Though we are still the king makers, without us they can’t exist, without us there is no law and there is no rule. But yet we are still suffering for making them kings. They make us live like trapped animals which follow orders without questioning, and suffer without making complaints.
Our heart has been bleeding repeatedly but no one can stop it because these wounds seem healless. We have tried our best to re-roll the dice, maybe those odds, someday, could stop being against us, but every action seems, each time we try, unyielding, and that’s solely because we have given more power to them more than we do to ourselves.
Nobody thinks about the future whenever this time comes, this present time will be sweet as usual, our men will bow to them now because of the money, foods, clothes and other luxuries that they hold. When these things are distributed during the election, everyone else forgets that it’s only sufferings that come afterwards.
When those times now come, we would seek the usual help from them, pleading to them but no one will hear our cries, and even when they do, they only respond with laughter to tell us how dumb we were for believing in them in the first instance. They are here again, bribing our people up and down to remain in power. They are here again to torture us with hunger and poverty, they are here again to steal our future from us. Now, they have promised again to give us a better future countlessly, but it has become a disease that has been in their heart for thousands of years, all that they say is nothing but lies.
The election is near and they are visiting us again, saying that they come to greet us but we know what they are after. The older representatives don’t want to step down for the new ones. Who should we impose as the next president and governor? It’s now the questions that fill the air at the moment. It’s another time we decide who will take us on another four-year journey of starvation and not salvation.
But It is high time to fight for our rights as we don’t know who to trust, we put our trust in today’s government when they came to us then but all later led in disarray. Now, it’s time for us to make a new choice. Practically, there are no too good men around them but we know who’s still best among the worst. A period of four years is not four days and this is why we should choose our next leaders while we go for capability and excellence and not otherwise their fake promises and names.
Amid the confusion of whom to be elected between the youth or the old, we should go for capability and excellence. In the midst of confusion that comes with gender, we should still go for capability and excellence. Let’s see beyond the money, luxuries, gifts, respect, care and affection they entice us with during the campaign.
Every one of them is a corrupter, but in a situation where we can’t be without a leader, we still have to find the freedom we deserve- and that’s best achieved by not being enticed by their post-election luxuries, rather we should be very great on recognizing the best among them to be our representatives. If this can be brought to reality, the narrative may change from “the monsters we made” to “the saviours we never expected”.

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