ABDULLATEEF Maryam writes,

The Fodiyo varsity clinic has created opportunities for students to establish their own clinics in their hostels.

It’s a known fact that self-medication is not encouraged, and to a large extent, can pass as drug abuse. The essence of the school clinic is for students to make complaints and receive proper treatment as there are doctors standing by, waiting to tend to your medical needs. And as their profession demands, they are ready to help you in any way they can. The management ensures the availability of qualified doctors and pharmacists to respond to student health issues with and without the clinic I.D card.

“They don’t always have drugs at the clinic”, “they don’t attend to students promptly at the clinic” and “I had to visit the clinic countless times because they didn’t attend to me in time”, although common, are not valid excuses for students to place their health in the hands of fellow students who are only trying to make money. Have you considered that a fellow student may not conduct a thorough diagnosis before prescribing a drug for you?

Going to the clinic to state your complaints and get prescriptions is the best option for a student. Even when there’s a shortage of medications, you can always go back for your drugs. Alternatively, you could stop by a chemist’s shop within or outside the school premises to get the prescribed drugs.

I remember how a doctor at the clinic asked me if I fell sick at home as frequently as I do here in Sokoto after going through my file. I said no and he explained that my system failed to adapt to the weather here, and went on to prescribe a particular drug for me. He also said that there are some drugs that are essential for students, but noted, sadly, that the Government doesn’t supply the school with those drugs.

I have even witnessed a student doctor injecting another student on grounds of the symptoms her patient shared. While I wouldn’t be wrong to say they are not good enough to take care of your health because they learnt it as a side hustle, I must admit that they can prescribe good too. However, there are some instances where your ailment may not be as serious as you think it is—you probably just need a good sleep and all will be gone. There are other instances whereby you need to undergo special tests for the physician to know if it’s malaria, typhoid or something else and administer the appropriate drugs —a possibility that is close to nought with student doctors.

In conclusion, even if there are no drugs at the clinic, endeavour to obtain a prescription and get the drugs at a chemist shop. Let’s all be cautious about our health because “Health is wealth.

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