Adeshina Arigbanlabuwo writes,
Solid pieces of evidence scattered across the past few months show the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) reiterating its pleas with solemnity and endurance, so much that the central government of Nigeria ought to have lent the union her ears and accorded the union’s demands due cognisance, without prejudice.
No sincere individual should heap the total blame on the ASUU for the proclamation of a month-long industrial action. Instead, we are to raise a weight censure on the FG because she is constitutionally responsible for meeting the union’s demands.
The academic stagnation this appalling situation subjects university students to is saddening. Despite being students today, we have greater pursuits in life that are dampened by the deliberate delay of the government, consequent upon its refusal to yield positively to the ASUU’s demands.
Contrary to the popular point of view that ASUU’s demands are fuelled by greed and personal interest, we should know that satisfying the interest of lecturers is tantamount to making students’ lives better. It is common knowledge that most Nigerian varsities lag in infrastructure and other aids that assure effective learning. Therefore, we must acknowledge that the ASUU is not a band of idiots that wouldn’t know to seek a continuum of effective learning and what will bring betterment to education.
ASUU’s demands go beyond revitalisation funds. It includes other allowances its members deserve. It is the height of oppression that although the expenditure borne by the union members belittles their income, they have to resort to extremes to get due entitlements. The FG ought to temper justice and mercy in her exercise of power and consequently her dealings with the union.
Fellow readers, I deem Napoleon Hill’s words encouragement for us. He said, “No one is ever defeated until defeat has been accepted as a reality”. Hence, we must continue to speak the language the FG understands unanimously.
In conclusion, for the sake of humanity and security, we beseech the FG to consider us students and dance to the tune of ASUU.
May the one-month strike not extend to several months!

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