Ayinla Abdulateef writes,
Poverty refers to inability to meet up with one’s need or want. It is further described as lacking of something that vitals to sustaining proper life.
Teaching on the other hand, is an act of passing and educating both the mind and kinesthetic parts of the learner. It is a process of getting the unknown known to the learner/listener which then encourages them to be passionate in thinking independently.
According to Malcom Forbes, it’s through teaching that an empty minds get replaced with open one. Teaching is an activity that has transformed people. To such that, it still goes on to tend those transformed to mentors and make them stand as predecessors who set pace. It’s through teaching that the hidden knowledge is revealed to the learner for the purpose of adding up new knowledge.
How now could the profession that endows and enriches the minds of all other professions be so poverty-ridden in a country like Nigeria?
It has become a trending notion across Nigeria that teachers are not destined to be rich. The notion of addressing teaching as low income earning profession got me muddle to the extent that I habitually question myself, why? Though these teachers get employed based on some particular procedures and qualifications, still, why are they always so poverty-ridden?
Again, most people will say, “Teachers’ rewards are in heaven.” Why? What again happens to the adage that says “It’s from where we work, that we reap” ?
Teachers are undignified excessively. The rate at which the governments care very less for education in Nigeria has made the teachers to be too subjected to poverty. Some say teachers are poor because there are too much of personnels in the teaching profession, some say it’s because most of them are less qualified and inept. But if these were really the case, then the faults are with the government, as they are those that employ everyone of them. That there are too many of them doesn’t mean they should be poverty-stricken. Are you not their employer?
Inasmuch as problems could be identified, the stress then becomes less, and the remedy is all the way arriving. As it’s well known that, no country can develop beyond her level of education, also for a nation to be destroyed, no need of physical armour/weapons, once the education of that country is unplanned and not structured, that nation name should then just be transcribed as “disaster” or “failure” already.
How could the profession that births and builds other professions have not been thus valued and recognized? The truth is that the problem is clear, it’s more or less the government. Not only the teachers, but also in the environs in which they teach–dilapidated infrastructure and low income earning teachers. The results of such illness is now what we face every day. It’s what makes up our daily headlines.
Nevertheless, the solution is at hand already, if the government can go back to education and those in charge of it (the teachers), then no doubts that the country will breathtakingly be a better place.

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