From Rufai B. Latifat, 300level Economics Department

As the school academic activities for the returning students officially kicked-off   on the 11th of march, for the returning students while that of returning students commences by March 18th.
I have some pieces of advice which will foster our journey to the land of success. Either you wish to resume early or not, the Clarion call of UDUS must be obeyed. Whatever has a beginning must surely have an end, as our long time time vacation which seems to be unending has finally come to an end.

By now, I hope that the every returning student must have familiarized themselves completely with the nook and cranny of the school and other experiences attached to it. They aren’t amateurs in the Noble race to become successful in UDUS. They shouldn’t rest on their oars and work even harder and be mindful of their step as the new session begins. You need no one to remind you that in Fodio there’s no such thing as relenting. Work hard and pray even harder. We all have our own different challenges but you shouldn’t let your pitfall confines your success in the future or draw you back, always remember that challenges are challenges so they can make us stronger.

Are you bursting of your CGPA?  please be careful and be humble as much as you can be. You won’t be the first person nor the last person to achieve such feat, don’t brag else you might end up been dragged.

My heartfelt felicitation goes to the newly admitted and confirmed Students, I mean those that just got their confirmation letter. Don’t get it twisted, the duo above are different. Being admitted and having the confirmation letter is different, you might’ve been admitted but then the table might turn around and you won’t be confirmed or worse your course might be changed. Please be prayerful, the war you thought you’ve won has not ended. New weapons will be introduced, be prepared. If you are yet to be confirmed, it’s adviceable you get to the hall where you would be given the letter as early as possible.

You are admitted, confirmed and now a Danfodite, welcome to our midst, the midst of silent achievers . To have a successful result in all endeavors in life, you need to plan and that’s how it works here in Fodiyo. He who fails to plan, plan to fail. Lateness is not tolerated, dress according to the school dressing code. Don’t be mistaken,  I didn’t say everybody has to use hijab or Niqab or necessarily Long dress, but indecent dressing is highly unappreciated and prohibited here in my school.

You have to know the kind of friends you keep, the university consists of diverse people brought up in distinct area and ways, you are not the same and you will never be though some may be almost similar.  Don’t imitates another individual’s life when you are in school, read when you feel you assimilate better,  you alone know your strength and weakness. Remember the same litmus paper turns red to blue when touched by an acid and vice versa when touched by a base. Be observant of the friends you keep.

Do not allow to be changed  into what you have promised  and vowed not to be all in the name of wanting to belong.  Your  decisions in life are important for a smooth future, the journey to be a successful person has started long ago and the mistakes there can still be rectified. Watch your steps. Remember the decision you make in school can either go well for you or go against you, do not go against your great decisions. Make friends with God fearing people and Allah will uplift you and grant you academic success.!!!

Don’t always act above UDUS, don’t go against the rules and regulations of the school else UDUS  will tell you why the school is called UDUS . It’s only in a lawless land that you’re free from your sins. “To whom brain is given, sense is expected”

Once again, congratulations to the admitted and confirmed ones because many applied but you are chosen and for those who were not offered, don’t be reluctant, keep trying because persistence and consistency win the race. To the returning students, I’m happy for you, some are no more and some couldn’t even resume with us due to unforeseen and foreseen circumstances.

I wish all the students of Usmanu Danfodio University a successful Session ahead and  a safe journey back to the MOST PEACEFUL UNIVERSITY.


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