Anyanwu Paul Udochukwu writes, 100 level Medicine and Surgery
The word Pseudo is a prefix that has its etymological chronology dating back to the Middle English Era, following the Late Latin Era. It is a derivative word in Greek that reads, “Pseudes” meaning “False”.
According to the Oxford Learners Dictionary, the words PSEUDO means: Not what somebody claims it is, false and pretended.
While the Merriam Webster Dictionary’s definition of SCHOLARSHIP in the context of this article says: It’s the character, qualities, activities or attainments of a scholar.
Pseudo Scholarship simply refers to the characters and acts exhibited by acclaimed educated individuals which makes one begin to question the meaningfulness of their education.
The Concept and an Analogy of its Existence
Cogito Ergo Sum- I think therefore I am. So said Rene Descartes. Following the aforementioned premise, I humbly assert that the pre-evolution of Pseudo Scholarship has a lot to do with the way we think, scholars and intending scholars alike. The common mindset with which individuals pursue higher learning in Nigeria is one that is footed on the wrong soil.
The bitter reality in Nigeria’s tertiary institution admission tussle is that most candidates already have their course filters. These filters are brought about, either by virtue of the stories one has heard about the ills of studying a particular course, or the advice from one’s parents telling him or her how a particular course will forever put food on their table or maybe how your chances of employment overseas having studied a particular course, is very favourable.
All these non-harmful reasons give rise to the course filter phenomenon, which in the actual sense are, circumvent initiatives to Nigeria’s problems as a country. The intending scholar’s perception towards the main purpose of education is more likely to drift away. Hence, rather than think of enlightenment channelled to the improvement of him/herself and the society at large, now they see education as a means of survival. A good example is the popular “I don’t intend practising the course after I’m done studying, all I want is the certificate”.
What this in turn creates is a sandbag of students, who endure the torture in the duration of their learning, leaving the University as acclaimed scholars but in real sense pseudo-scholars.
Want to know if you are one? I make you this offer, and this is it: 5 bitcoin equivalent in naira for you to dump your current course of study, never to return to any citadel of learning or stay in school and pretend I never made you this offer.

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