By: Nurudeen Akewushola

The residents of block-A in Jibril Aminu hostel have lamented the dearth of  electric supply  which has made the block to be in total darkness since  the beginning of the 2018/19 academic session.
As of the time of filling this report, PEN PRESS UDUS can authoritatively report that the entire Block-A, male hostel, Jibril Aminu hall of residence is still in a state of power outage

Electricity is one of the most indispensable requirements which are prerequisite for the welfare  of students residing in the University hall of residence .

Lack of electricity in hostel will preclude students from illuminating their rooms, ironing and attending to other but vital necessities.  It also abodes thefts around the hostels vicinity. Due to lack of working fans, students are also vulnerable to various diseases as a result of the excessive heat condition .

Findings by PEN PRESS UDUS reveal that, during the holiday, electric wires a of various blocks were  carted away by miscreants which made the Hostel Maintenance Division to replace and restore  electric installations in some affected  blocks. But the restoration of power has not been achieved yet in A-block as all the rooms in the block have no light

In this report some  residents of Block-A who have been baffling with the travail of power outage expressed their dissatisfaction and plead to the University management to come to their aid

Saadudeen Naallah, 100level student while speaking with this reporter explained that he arrived  campus on Sunday night and when they reached the hostel, the whole Block-A was in total darkness that they hardly located their rooms and had to use their Mobile torch . He also said they had to resort to charging of their phones in other blocks of resident.

Kazir Abdulrahman, 100level student of Applied Chemistry and an inhabitant of A-block said that he has been in the school hostel before resumption and he has not seen any glimpse of power reinstallation whatsoever.

“We are here even before the school resumed and I don’t even know how the light looks like. We have been going to other rooms to charge our phones and there’s no even Fan in this room despite the horrific temperature”

He then continued “Our colleagues had went to the maintenance like three times and we are asked to put down their complains and up till now the light and even the fan is yet to be fixed” he lamented

Hamidu Bawe, 100level student of Biochemistry and inhabitant of Block A, Room 9, explained that he just arrived on Tuesday and he had been having sleepless nights due to the heat condition.
He said: “Since I resumed on Tuesday, no light in A block have been going to Adarawa [village] to charge my phone. The hostel rooms are not friendly at all. Very hot and Mosquitoes won’t allow person to sleep”

 Mustopha Usman, resident of Block A,  Room 15, explained that he has gone to the maintenance office  to lodge complain on three different Occasions but yet the electricity  has  not been fixed yet in the block,  he said :

” I have gone there on three different occasions when I reached the maintenance office they will tell me to write down my complain and up till now they are yet to fix it”

He further explained  that the maintenance has come during the break to fix the wires and they twinkled it to test its functionality but since that day, the residents of the block have not enjoyed electricity for a minute  in the hostel.

 Speaking with Students’ Union welfare Director; Comrade A.A Funtua, he explained that he is not aware of it but  the problem will be curtailed as soon as possible.

“I’m not aware, each and every student when they have problem they should  go to the maintenance office. But now that I’m aware I will inform them and they will fix it as soon as possible” he affirmed.

While speaking with the Head of the maintenance office he also insisted that the power  has been restored in the block but noted that some rooms’ light might have  tripped”

Further fact-check by PEN PRESS UDUS as of the time of filling this report reveals that there’s still power failure in all rooms in that block”

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