With Hayatullahi Folorunsho Mudathir (Abu Lubabah)


In today’s version of the Friday Discourse, I will talk about good reputation and importance of being honest.


The hoopoe and the crow quarreled one day over a water hole, each of them claiming that the hole belonged to him, and they argued and could not resolve the dispute between them.


After a long dispute, they agreed to refer to the judge of birds, so they went to him and told him their story, so he asked them for evidence. Whoever has evidence, the pit will be his share, so they looked at each other, and they remained silent.


When their silence lasted for a long time, the judge learned that neither of them had evidence against the other. Then it was only from the judge that he ruled the pit for the hoopoe.


The hoopoe said to him in astonishment: Why did you judge the hole for? The judge replied, saying: You are known for your honesty among people, and they said: (The most truthful of a hoopoe).


So the hoopoe was silent for a moment, then he said: “If the matter is as you said, then by God, I am not one of those who are famous for a characteristic and do otherwise. This hole is for the crow, and if this fame remains for me, it is better for me than a thousand holes.”


The lesson:


Your good reputation is your capital, and it will outlive you, so cling to it and preserve it and make it defend you in your life and even after your death, and be as Imam Shafi’i said:


Some people have died, and their traits have not died #

And some people lived while they were dead among the people.


May Allah accept all our acts of Ibaadah and preserve us to witness more Eids on earth. Amin.


Hayatullahi Folorunsho Mudathir (Abu Lubabah) is the Editor-in-chief of PEN PRESS UDUS.

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