Jamiu Lukman Akanbi writes,
Dear Matriculated Students,
It is my pleasure to congratulate you for being among the lucky applicants that gained admission into this prestigious university, Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto.
It is an achievement in life to be amongst the seekers of knowledge in the university. Ladies and gentlemen, I congratulate you once again, and I equally welcome you to the most peaceful university in Nigeria, Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto.
My epistle will evolve around five epochs as I discretionary describe it.
Firstly, DO NOT FORGET YOUR ROOT: It is actually an opportunity for you to be admitted as a new student into this institution, and it is unto you to utilize it goldy. It is very imperative to let you know that campus scenes and cinema may be very interesting to the extent that you may forget the son of who you are on campus.
Your religious devotion before you left home may suddenly change because of different distractions on campus, never forget how you were raised at home. Bear in mind that you are the picture of your family, home, town, city, state, and country at large. Always remember your roots. So always be a good ambassador of your parents, society and Nigeria at large.
Secondly, DEFINE YOUR FUTURE TODAY: Know your worth, and avoid sewing your clothes more than your size, what fits your friends might not fit you. Don’t compare yourself with anyone, you care for yourself and not anyone, try to know what you need in all your courses for you to excel. If your friends can read in an hour and can assimilate the whole textbook, if it takes you a week, don’t hesitate to sacrifice it for your future.
You should bear in mind that a reader is a leader, and you can never write well until you read well, know what you are here for, know how many bridges you crossed before getting here, aim higher, aim at being the best, and pray harder. Read as if you can not pray, and pray as if you will never read. What works for your friends might not work for you, do not copy anyone.
I could remember the history of two friends who gained admission into one university, both of them so focused on their academics but one used to copy the other. On getting to 300-Level, the first one engaged in school politics, and the other also decided to do so without actually understanding what worked for him. However, his nature doesn’t want any distraction.
The first was able to pass all the courses with good grades but the Class of Degree the second one was maintaining reduced drastically, and he was unable to bag the Second Class UPPER class again. So don’t be a copied cat.
Thirdly, BEAR CHALLENGES IN MIND: Avoid being a victim of depression just because a challenge visits you, have you ever heard of a visitor who doesn’t return to his destination? Every challenge you encounter is part of the experience and hold to yourself that you can do better, and you can do it because if you don’t do it, no one can do it for you. Always be ready to face any challenge that comes your way. Knowing that university is full of ups and downs, always pray to sail through. Tests, exams and all the continuous assessments are challenges, even not getting the money you need is also part of the challenge. Be strong enough to conquer them all.
Furthermore, AVOID EVIL-MINDED FRIENDS: do not mingle with a friend who can influence you negatively, friends are the source of the bad influence of some people. They are initially pure-minded individuals, but as a result of the peer group, they changed to who they are. Forget about the assertion, if you can not change them, don’t join them. If you discover that a friend can not be fruitful for you in a particular direction, choose another one.
Lastly, DON’T BE A BACKBENCHER: Aim at a high class of degrees, never allow yourself to be one of the backbenchers who always render nothing. Try to work towards your mission and vision. Pray for it. Read hard and pray harder, success will be yours. Have faith in yourself, that you can do it, and you will do it, and if you do not do it no one will do it for you.
I wish you all the best.

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