BY: Abdulrasheed Hammad, 200l Law

The objective of students that engage in night reading should be to succeed in their academics and come out with flying colours. It is unfortunate however that when viewed with a critical eye especially in UDUS climes, the reverse is entirely the case. Danfodites frequent night classes in order to make up for the time lost during the day for social rather than academic purposes. This is why I posit that night reading is not the best option for students.

Some students go for night reading because their friend does, whether or not they can cope with their friend is not a cause of concern for them. They forget individuals differ and still partake anyway.

Students who come to class for reading purposes can be classified info two: What I call the TDB (Till Day Break) gang, that is night till the next morning and the overnight readers, those who read up till 12AM or 1AM then shut their eyes for the day. Students that belong to the former category earn titles like ‘jackometer’ because of their supposed dedication to reading.

However, not all till day breakers read till day breaks. As ironic as it may sound, they chitchat for most of the hours and sleep in the remaining. If I’m to suggest a label for such kind of reading, I would call it “CTDB” (Chat till day breaks). If you then choose to ask some of these students what they have been able to achieve in all of the supposed reading hours, they have nothing tangible to present. Then why attend in the first place? That friend who chose to snore over TDB, that one you gossiped in the TDB is far better than you, because at least he had a nice time sleeping.

Another funny category of night readers in UDUS are those who have indirectly turned classes to bedspace. They come with blankets and mosquito nets and sleep all the way till Morning. The consistency of these sleepers makes me think that indeed these students have no bedspace in the hostel, and have chosen to turn classes to bunks.

Then there is the treacherous  category of students who see night classes as a platform to steal phones and other valuable things. They wait until it’s late, close to or after midnight, and rob the sleeping category of their phones, laptops, bags, e.t.c.
One thus must be very vigilant and wary of this particular category.

Another category that is prominent amongst night readers, are those students who go for these classes simply for Morocco purposes. You will always find them whispering to the opposite sex, and laughing at every interval. Some will be equipped with coolers of food and eat all the way.

Only very few students unfortunately actually take night classes seriously and use the time effectively. They are the serious minded students who you rarely find in a conversation. They enter the class with their books, and remain in their company until they’re done reading.

Recently, I saw some freshers struggling to read at night. They were sorrounded by their friends who in turn never found any difficulty in reading. As someone who studies at night time, I can vehemently tell you that the minute you follow crowd mentality and join the TDB bandwagon when you’re not up to the task, your academic failure has just set in.

Now this is not saying that reading at night is bad. No, it is even the most favourable option for a student with a lecture filled day. But then it is important that one studies theirself and know their competence. Questions like, “What have I gained in all the hours of my being up?” Should always be asked by students, your sincere reply should determine whether or not night class is for you. After all, thousands of students out there have excelled without ever partaking in a night reading.

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