Ibraheem Rasaq Bolarinwa writes,

What is worthy of celebration? I keep contemplating, but I’m puzzled and arrested by remorseful feelings.

Exactly, this morning, October 1st, Nigeria turned around with a new look. Thence, we became a sovereign state, that signed us to be among the international states who can enter a bilateral agreement. All modus operandi in our governance has changed to a new look. Our every affair is being saddled by ourselves both politically, economically, and socially.

Every son and soil enveloped with overzealous joy, all in the name that all sufferings, hardships, and sorrow believed to have ended.

We started with the parliamentary system of Government which installed Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa as the first Prime Minister of Nigeria and Sheu Sagari as the first Executive President, following the existing legacy laid down by our European capitalists, after which we moved from one system of government to another, including the present Presidential system of Government now in operation, but nothing to write home about.

I am not surprised. The problems we have had since pre-independence and post-independence are problems of power, monger, and corrupt public office holders, different from very few who were good patriots, and whom goodies shall locate their graves.

To all citizens, the more the age begets should follow the developments and achievements, but sadly, the reverse is the case in the life of our Nation, where we are blessed with excess but eat little, we have hoes but our hands are meant to clear the bushes. Our country is blessed with enormous mineral resources, yet hardship and sufferings remain our daily songs. Some countries do not have an average of what we are blessed with and they live in the highest level of excitement. Nigeria, what has happened?

I come to think of which aspect of Nigeria’s situation should be proud and boast of. Security level remains zero, understand this via the happenings: IPOB of southern Nigeria, Niger State Avengers, Oodua Nation and many others.

Our economic sector is also nothing but zero. I learnt that Nigeria’s fifty Kobo was once equivalent to one Dollar, but now one Dollar is equivalent to four hundred and fifteen nairas, explaining to us how useless our currency has become. ‘Ó mà ṣe oo’.

Also, the law is supposed to be the last hope for questioning the excessive behaviour of every citizen of Nigeria, be it you are an officeholder or whatever, owing to the belief that, we are all equal before the law, but the law in Nigeria is operating in another phase. Sigh!

On the last note, If today marks another milestone in the life of Nigeria, I will beseech Allah’s favour in the life of Nigerians and pray for the betterment of the Nation, because our current situation does not really worth celebrating. I hope for a better Nigeria, and that alone will make me greet “Happy Independence Day”.

Ibraheem Rasaq Bolarinwa is a 200 level Law student at Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto.

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