Babatunde Azeez writes,

Today, sixty-one years ago, we were fit as an independent country. We have passed over so many hurdles as a nation. We thank God for the quest, from the Military days to the Democracy we are inventing presently.

It does not stimulate us to honour our independence anniversary. However, we cannot do without discussing the bad economic and insecurity challenges we are facing. It has been the chat of the town since the outset of this year, there is no way you expect your nation to advance without accomplishing massively in those two areas.

Presently, our nation is lagging in those two facets, inflation in the market is beyond bearable and this has gone further away from the endurable gauge, where everyone is struggling to afford two meals a day.

Besides, our security is nothing to write home about, it has become outrageous to the magnitude that nowhere is safe in my dear country and our government is not making reasonable and meaningful efforts to safeguard our lives and properties.

Finally, even if God will seize supervision of the crisis we are enduring, we must charge all the bodies in the leadership capacity to be proactive in their plans for the betterment of all Nigerian citizens.

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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