Residing in the halls of residence at the Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto (UDUS) presents its challenges, especially for students allocated bed spaces near the door. It is disheartening that what should be a convenient hostel has become an inconvenience for its occupants.
I currently stay in Zamfara hostel, occupying a bunk close to the door, and it is far from comfortable. I am merely enduring the ordeals of this living arrangement. Other students whose bunks are not near the door are also complaining about the lack of adequate space in their rooms.
One particularly painful aspect is the difficulty of finding space to store my belongings. My foodstuffs and clothes are kept in corners belonging to others, which is inconvenient for me. I have to wait for the corner’s owner before I can access anything from my bags. This often causes me to be late for class since my belongings are scattered in different places. In all honesty, I feel sorry for myself and every student living beside the door.
Furthermore, bathing buckets are placed behind the door, in close proximity to my bunk. I am unable to place anything freely beside my bunk as my roommates claim that the door side is a pathway meant for passage. Although the management has assigned me my designated space, this issue has sparked numerous disputes among us. I can no longer endure this situation as it makes the hostel uncomfortable for me.
Being assigned the bed space near the door feels like a punishment. Roommates enter the room with slippers, placing their shoes and bathroom slippers in my corner simply because it is close to the door. Some of us assigned the door bunks pray and sleep there. Unfortunately, we cannot study in our room due to the limited space, and it’s not always feasible to go to the night class for studying.
Allocating the door bunk to a single person or leaving it vacant for students to store their belongings would greatly alleviate the difficulties faced by students like me. We would genuinely appreciate it if the management took our concerns into consideration in order to improve our living conditions.
Abdulrosheed Aishah is a first-year student of Agriculture at Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto (UDUS).

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