By Promise Eze

As Danfodiyo students begin to trickle-out of campus for holiday.This is the time when students will be jostling for seats and fighting over the best spaces they would long to reach home quickly. The bus would speed through black tarmacs, dodge potholes, pass villages and as desert sands give way for lush vegetation they would yearn for the sweet aroma emanating from their mother’s cooking pot. But how safe is the road home?

For those who may pass through Zamfara, Kaduna, katsina, Kano and Abuja, they already know the reality. Asides the gory accidents that has unfairly swallowed the lives of several students, something else has been lurking in darkness: banditry and kidnappings.

The news emanating from the various media houses are not bringing joy to our faces. Almost everyday Nigerians in their hundreds are being kidnapped and taken into thick forests. They would stay there helpless until three things happen: they would either pay the ransom demanded or the Nigerian security forces rescues them or even worse, the evil and gruesome kidnappers would lace their fearful bodies with bullets

Zamfara and kastina have recorded the highest rate of kidnappings so far. The news oozing out from these regions are scary. It is good that students come to terms with what is happening around them as to take security precautions. To be forewarned is to be forearmed!
Before boarding any bus be sure that it is safe. Try to look at the faces of the potential passengers. If you don’t feel secured don’t bother entering. Look for another vehicle instead. Find a better alternative.

Do not travel at night. Endeavour to start your journey in the morning — this is for those who would be boarding at the park. Make your journey in the morning as to arrive your destination before sunset.
Don’t forget to pray. Prayer should be the vital aspect of your preparation. Commit your journey into the hands of God and beg him to protect you from evil.

As the Nigerian Army, alongside the police and other security agencies, tackle the menace of kidnappings and banditry it is our wish from PENPRESS that no danfodite would be victim of this impending and ravaging danger.

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