Ummu Khair Bello

Unemployment is a state of joblessness, where people qualified for jobs have none. In other words, unemployment is when the quantum of labour exceeds the number of available jobs. It is disheartening that Nigeria, the giant of Africa, suffers from acute unemployment.

One of the drivers of unemployment in Nigeria is corruption. Corruption is immorality perpetuated by many, especially those in positions of power. Looking at Nigerian universities, where people in positions of power take a bribe to issue results to students with influential parents. Funnily, these students can not defend the results in their names.

The phenomenon contrasts with the reality of students from humble backgrounds that work hard and suffer to obtain excellent results. Unfortunately, these students might find no jobs after graduation while rich brats wielding fake results play boss in swivel chairs after securing well-paid jobs through their parents’ connections.

Another cause of unemployment is the lack of relevant infrastructure. The ratio of qualified candidates exceeds the infrastructure available. More and more Nigerians graduate or obtain relevant skill while the number of employers reduce, remain the same or even increase insignificantly.

Unemployment is a monster that puts Nigeria on terror lists, preventing the country’s economy from thriving. Hence, we must work collectively to rid our motherland of the scourge.

When basic infrastructures are in place, youths will be eager to study, believing that jobs are readily available. Thus the private and public sectors must come together to up Nigeria’s infrastructural game.

Also, people who cannot find jobs should settle for self-employment, whereby they set up businesses that keep them busy whilst also fetching them money.

Finally, students should have alternative plans while studying. As a student, you ought to think of a handicraft to acquire, be it fashion design, hairdressing, make-up artistry and much other marketable skill. These crafts will at least guarantee you some earnings if unemployment ever comes knocking.

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