Abubakar Idris writes,
The heightened expectation of every parent or well-wisher that has a child or brother in school is to see them excel with self-applauding results during their moment of graduation. But these expectations are too dangling to be fulfilled because of how most of these students take academics lightly while they are in school. It is glaringly noticed that most students are extraordinarily good to achieve the best results in their academics, however, due to some challenges, they fail in achieving the primary goal in school which is to graduate in flying colours.
Amongst the notable effects that make students neglect their primary assignments mostly are; peer group influence, mobile phones and playing under the guise of sporting activities.
Bad influence from friends is one of the biggest problems in tertiary institutions that could cause students heavy setbacks. While some students decide to follow their friends in the pattern of studying without knowing that there are individual differences even in studying. While some can only comfortably study during the day, others will study more efficiently at night.
Furthermore, there are individual differences in terms of memorizing. While a student will use three hours to memorize a page, it will only take another barely half of an hour. And this is how it affects each other as they both will spend the same time scale in class. Also, some categories of students that normally use their free period to disturb others in the class are as a result of peer influence. For reasonable heights to be reached regarding one’s academics, one must be very careful in selecting friends to walk and read with, if at all there’s a need for any.
Secondly, it’s the tale of mobile phones. Up to seventy per cent of students in tertiary institutions seem to give much attention to their mobile phones more than their books, some can stay for the whole day pressing their phones without even reading their books except when they heard that they have test or exam in the next week or day before they can be able to take their books, dust them and read. Some will not even read at all. Cases of some students have been recorded, even during exams, they still prioritize chatting with friends online and playing mobile games than reading. If at all there’s something else to give more time while in school, it then should come after prioritizing the main assignment which is reading.
The third and the last is playing. Some categories of students develop their interest in social activities more than their study. These students cannot use even a single day without performing irrelevant gaming and sporting activities. It’s a day or two to exams and we still see students playing football here and there as if it’s football they’ve come to school to play. Those timely exercises, gaming and sports contribute to a healthy mind, but there is a huge gap in doing the right thing at the wrong time and otherwise doing the right thing at the right time.
Lastly, being a student is a pride, but being among the best students is something huger and that deserves to be chased. As a student, when it’s time to study, the study should be taken care of and such times shouldn’t be used for anything else that is of lesser value. It’s also consequently unyielding to copy anyone’s pattern of studying without discovering oneself first. Know yourself and know that you also can be in that position you wish to take yourself to. Then plan, plan the appropriate time of study for yourself and don’t be distracted by phone, friends or any imperfect timings of sporting or leisure activity.

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