Mazeed Mukhtar Oyeleye writes,

It’s a shame Tomorrow has refused to come dwell in our midst despite decades of patiently anticipating his arrival. We rekindled our hope in him, chanting his name every day while we were in elementary school. It seems however that even posterity will inherit our shoes, as there’s yet no herald of his arrival in the present day. Today reeks of heavy moral decadence, hence the prevalence of sarcastic patriotism and crime dynamism, yet we claim to be the populace who’d torch the way, for others to tread, post his arrival.

“Parents, listen to your children. We are the leaders of tomorrow” the popular lines we chanted while trooping into our classes then, after assembly. Were we actually predicting the future, making Tomorrow seem like the literal tomorrow, a deluge of which we now make reference to in past tense? Perhaps the rhyme was just a positive scheme of our teachers to ensure that our fees do not stay unpaid. So, have we them to blame if the rhyme we were made to say aloud happens to be deluded, or ourselves, for refusing to pave way for Tomorrow’s arrival?

We are impatient to entertain Tomorrow whilst dwelling in the past. Our story has defied the tales of ‘The ugly ones refuse to die’ and even ‘The beautiful ones are yet to born’. The ugly ones die but their corroded spirits resurface in beautiful figures thus defacing them like defenestrated infants, with their cankered ideas. We want to scientifically hasten Tomorrow’s arrival using the likes of Elisha Abbo as guinea pigs to check our progress. In truth, are we actually helping to hasten his arrival or delaying it further, by believing in the prospects of the likes of Omoyele Sowore.

Tomorrow will only arrive if and only if everyone becomes Hercules, fighting to conquer his corrupt mindset. We have to revolt, with the flickering light of patriotism and morality against the stream of infected thoughts, flowing in our minds. It’s high time we become loyal citizens of Nigeria as we pledge to, shunning all forms of barbarianism. We would thus be upright morally, spiritually and socially, knowing when we are being taken undue advantage of. We would be able refuse to stoop so low as to do the dirty jobs on behalf of the aging population of the ugly ones, joining their guild in the process.

Let’s show the world our vibrance, and strength, by remoulding ourselves into the kind of youths posterity would be proud of. It’s our duty to make Nigeria work before our eyes. It begins with the resolve to stick to our pledge to the nation, in times of mercy, normalcy and tribulation. Prepare to say “bon arrivez!” to Tomorrow, the moment we are in order, fighting objectively like Hercules to vanquish the hydra-headed challenges hindering the growth of Nigeria. Herald the arrival of Tomorrow, when we youths have become Hercules of our clime, to pilot our motherland into becoming a nation abound in freedom, progress, peace and unity

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