“No wàhálà, I dare you to talk truth. Inside this babe and Leema, the one way I run for you, na who sweet pass?” Hassan dropped the bombshell, gesturing at his man part, and his comrades cachinnated.


The question caught Emeka unaware. He thought he had shaken off his crazy ideas by going for ‘dare’ – but his lack of foresight stared him right in the face, through your eyes, with disbelief. It was hard for you to imagine him with another lady. You did not know what to think; if his friend’s words held any water, it hurt you deeply.


You felt useless; had it happened after you met, it meant you were so worthless to him that he had the impetus to cheat on you with some random girl – if it happened before you met, then he was only lying to you when he swore to have never bedded a woman before you. Your knees became sore, and you dropped onto a sofa beside him. You looked him in the eyes and urged him to speak, smiling. Emeka was shocked. He could not tell whether you did not understand the question or you were barely pretending to misunderstand the gravity of his actions.


He drew out his wallet from his pocket and made to draw out a five hundred naira note from it, but you took it from him.


“Nobody borrows him any money,” you announced to your calamitous audience.


“Say the truth, Emeka,” you pressed, still smiling.


Emeka shivered like a suckling left in the rain. He was not scared of you, but your composure in the face of his salient infidelity terrified him to the letter.


“I do not know, for crying out loud. Can you all let me be?” Emeka begged, frustrated.


“Hard guy done jam him mama mate,” Sarki commented, and they burst into laughter.


“What of the one way follow you come house three days ago? Wetin be her name self?”


“Zainab, one Law Jambito?” Toheeb offered.


“Yes, na she. Since the day he see the fine girl, na him he done talk say him go do her,” Hassan revealed, and they burst into laughter.


Emeka could not take it anymore. He screamed them into silence and showed them out of the house – they were ready to leave anyway. He returned and met you crying – your strong woman façade had evanesced. Silence reigned for nearly a quarter-hour, and he stood there – he did not make any attempt to appease you or defend himself. When you grew tired of sulking, you raised your head, and your sightline met with his.


“Let’s break up,” Emeka said.

You couldn’t believe your ears – that should have been your line. Besides, you were willing to forgive him if he came clean and promised to turn a new leaf.


Stupefied, you grabbed your bag and exited the apartment.


“This is the height of disregard for me and my feelings!” you conceded defeat.


to be continued


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P.S: This work is purely fictional. Any semblance to actual persons (living or late), places, or events are merely figments of the writer’s attempt at keeping in touch with reality.



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