Emeka, …

Grace did not look as good as she did the first time you saw her. She looked like she could use a cold bath and a good nap. The heat in Sokoto is enough to wear anyone out – you thought, but felt there was more to her being ‘not fine’.

“What’s up?” you asked.

“I rush down here after an 8 o’clock practical class that lasted until after eleven, so I could sort my account issues, but I guess that’s not good enough,” she lamented.

“What happened? What’s the issue with your account?” you asked, sorry for her.

“I do not understand either. It dawned on me that I can’t complete any transactions – transfers, withdrawals and name it. I don’t know what’s going on,”


“That is not even the most annoying part. Before coming here, I went to the GT branch in town to complain, and they told me to come here – to the P-Site branch because that’s my domiciliary branch. Who does that‽” she whined and hissed.

“And what did they say here?”

“I wish I even got an opportunity to complain. They’ll not let me in because they have enough customers inside. The security was saying something like they fear that allowing more customers to enter will ruin their chances of attending to all the customers before their closing time,” she disclosed with a heave.


“Yes, shit! I have to drag my cashless self down here on Monday if I want to know what is wrong with my account,”

“And what are you going to do now?” you asked sympathetically.

“There is nothing else to do here. I better hop on a bus and return to where I came from,” Grace said resignedly.

You shook your head in pity, wishing you could do something for her. Out of the blues, you realised you could.

“Hold on, Grace. Did you say your bank is GT?” you asked with pomp and excitement.

“Yes, you heard me correctly, Aquaman,” she answered with a quizzical smile – she had not the faintest idea as to why you were excited.

“You can’t leave yet. There’s still something we can do,” you assured.


Her face brightened up as she smiled with relief.

“Yeah, cross my heart,”

“You’re a darling, Aquaman. Thank you.”

You led her back to the bank and stopped at the ATM gallery.

“Let me make a call,”

“By all means, please. Take as long as you need, provided you can do something about this mess,” she offered and laughed with excitement.

“As you wish, milady,” you curtseyed and joined the boffola.

“Oh dear!” you exclaimed in whispers when you saw several pairs of eyes fixated on you.

Grace did not seem to care anyway. Your assurance filled her with a surge of energy. You watched her dimples fall deeper into her face as you made a brief call to your mom.

‘Now watch the magic unfold, baby,’ you thought as you hung up the call.

to be continued…

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P.S: This work is purely fictional. Any semblance to actual persons (living or late), places, or events are merely figments of the writer’s attempt at keeping in touch with reality.

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