By:Nurudeen Akewushola

The media (both print and online) has been inundated  with a false news which was first reported by one online blog; that the students of Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto held a protest urging the Federal government to enforce the establishment of RUGA across the 36 states of the federation. And was subsequently re-published on The Nation Newspaper, as well as some other online news platforms which has sparked mixed reactions from people far and near.

Findings by Pen Press has however revealed that students of UDUS did not take part in the said protest rather it was organized by a troop of activists named Patriotic Youth Forum, Sokoto to showcase the support of the organization for the establishment of  RUGA.

Excerpt from the report:

“Hundreds of Undergraduates from Usman Dan Fodio University (UDUS) Sokoto staged a protest in support of RUGA establishment across the 36 states of the federation to end the menace of the farmer-herder conflicts bedeviling the nation”


It’s Not Danfodiyo it’s Sokoto State Patriotic Youth Forum

Pen Press spoke with the chairman of the committee that organized the rally, Comrade Shameem Bashar, he explained that it’s the Patriotic Youth Forum, Sokoto that organized the rally.

“We didn’t write to any students from any institution, the rally was not organized by Danfodiyo, it’s organised by us (SPYF) to let the President know that the RUGA establishment will go along way in solving Farmer-Herdsmen clash in the Nation” he said.

The letter of acknowledgement written by the forum to the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps Sokoto Command also indicated that the peaceful rally was organized by the Sokoto State Patriotic Youth Forum.

Management Denies Affiliation

The Chief Security Officer, Col.Abdullahi Gwandu in an interview with Pen Press also clarified that the the rally was protracted to kick-off from the University City Campus but the Security Unit precluded the organization.

” They wanted to start from city campus but we didn’t allow them to start from there, we told them to go to anywhere they want to go and do their protest” he confirmed

He also emphasized that neither students nor the University management had any affiliation with the said rally
“Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto has no connection with the organization that organized the rally, it was not organized by neither the University management nor any students”

He noted that the students of the University were on break when the event occurred
“Students have been in holiday since 1st of July, then how do you expect them to participate in such a protest. They wanted to start it from City Campus but we refused”

Students’ Union Reacts

On whether the Students’ Union (SU) has any connection with the alleged rally, the Students’ Union President, Comrade Faruku Wammako while speaking with Pen Press also denied the participation of students in the protest that it was a troop of some youth in Sokoto that embarked on the protest.

He said:
“Our school didn’t participate in this protest. The students Union has no notice of it of this riot. It was some youth activists in sokoto that organized for the rally. And even our school management has no notice over it unless the day when they’re organising themselves in front of city campus gate.

He further explained that the Union is not aware of any protest and as a body they went to the spot to confirm whether the students really participated and the organizers informed that the students of UDUS were not part of the protest.
“I was called by the CSO  of the university and the Dean Student  Affairs to inquire whether were the organisers of the protest and I told them that I don’t even know about the plan.  The management of the school sent me and some of my executives and security men to go to the scene and find out who are the students planning for it, and we went there and met with the organisers, they said they didn’t invite any students to participate in the rally”
He continued: “Their rally was organized by some youth activists in the state and therefore it has nothing to do with Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto. So the organisers have confessed to the union that the rally has nothing to do with the students of UDUS “

Barade further explained that if the students’ Union wishes to embark on protest there must  be some terms and conditions that must be met before doing that, “As per as our students’ handbook is concerned, there are some needed to be followed procedures before embarking on protest. So, how can you tell me it was UDUS students that embarked on such protest!”

He however advised the rumour purveyor to stop spreading such a news as it’s detrimental to the peaceful status quo of the University


1. Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto undergraduate students have been on first semester break since 1st of July and most of the students have already departed to their various destinations.The rally took place on July 11th, gathering hundreds of students for such a protest at that time is unrealistic.

2. The organization and the Security Unit made us known that neither the University students nor the management had any affiliation with the Rally  and it was confirmed by the protesters that the students were not invited to participate and they were not allowed to participate.

3. The letter of acknowledgement written by the organization to the Nigeria Security And Civil Defence Corps, Sokoto Command revealed that the rally was organized by the Sokoto State Patriotic Forum and Sokoto State Patriotic Forum has not connection with Usmanu Danfodiyo University

So, the report is totally far from being truth.

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